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Tag: ricotta

Led astray: Chocolate, Strawberry and Ricotta Galettes

Good morning, friends- care to take a little trip with me? One that starts with butter and flour, and meanders through strawberry fields bordered by chocolate woods, perhaps dusted with a little sugared snow? Come along then, we’ll be travelling photojournalist-style.

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Luxury on bread: Shaved Asparagus Tartine

Shaved Asparagus Tartine

I crave a simple and beautiful lunch. Something light but satisfying, taking just minutes to prepare but good for savouring over the next twenty or so. Working from home at times (and at a job mere steps from my front door the rest of the time), this is a luxury that I can afford. And I must say, enjoying it helps makes up for those I can’t. Read more…

A summery plaster pasta: Pasta with Peas, Ricotta and Lemon

pasta with peas, ricotta and lemon

I should probably explain, huh? This dish unfortunately goes by the moniker “Plaster Pasta” in my house. Charmingly bestowed by Andrew, it’s from the early days of the recipe, when I was still working out the kinks. As it cooled, the ricotta would firm up and the whole thing would stick together in a rather unappetizing way. Unappetizing for him, I should say. I didn’t really mind- it still tasted good! If plaster pasta sounds less than appealing to you, though, not to worry. I fixed the recipe and it doesn’t do that anymore. Unfortunately, the name has stuck. Read more…

Memories of cheesecake: Ricotta Tart with Chocolate Crust


I don’t think I ever had cheesecake until I was a teenager. At least, I don’t remember having it before then. Growing up, dessert was a rare occurrence. My parents were fond of the classic “Why don’t you have a piece of fruit?” line. Well, a piece of fruit is all fine and well, but what I wanted as I child was dessert, and I hope you’ll forgive me the assertion that eating something after dinner doesn’t make it dessert. Read more…