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Hands off: Roast Squash Soup

On Sunday afternoons, I usually make a soup for lunch. Sometimes it’s with fresh produce that I’ve just bought at the farmer’s market, but more often it’s with leftover stuff from the week. A way to “clear out the old and make way for the new”, if you will. As such, these soups are rarely planned and shopped for, and it’s more a case of finding things that go together, or even finding things that don’t, and forcing them to. Read more…

What the (house) doctor ordered: Sweet Potato Sformato

Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” in my flat. If it’s not my teeny tiny closet, it’s our teeny tiny bookcase. If it’s not the teeny tiny bookcase (which is actually a good size; it just suffers from a plague of books), it’s my teeny tiny kitchen cupboards. While I’m normally pretty good about “editing” my life on a regular basis, sometimes it just all adds up, in what I can only assume is a concerted effort to drive me absolutely batty. Read more…

Time to bake: Stuffed Autumn Focaccia

I seem to be in a baking mood lately. Maybe it’s the turning of the seasons, but ever since we’ve come home from holiday, I just can’t get excited about salads, stir-fries or gratins. I’ll have to curb this habit soon lest I become so doughy that I can’t fit into my winter coat, but for now it’s all cakes, cookies, and breads at casa Kitchenist. Still, I try to sneak in some veg where I can. I’m not whizzing beets into brownies or anything, but with savoury baking at least, there’s room for experimenting. Read more…

Table for One: Tomato Sage Risotto

Tomato Sage Risotto

What do you eat, when you’re eating alone? Say your husband/boyfriend/roommate is out for the evening, and you’re settling in to dine solo. You’ve got your favourite embarrassing music on, or maybe you’re eating in front of the TV, watching that show you love that they just don’t get (my choice would be Gossip Girl or Ugly Betty, depending on the night). What’s on your plate? Read more…