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Tag: semolina

Here’s one I made earlier: Cypriot Semolina Cake

Where on earth does the time go? Over a week without posting here- oops! I didn’t intend for that to happen, though I knew last week would be busy, what with starting a new job and schoolwork piling up (and no, I don’t mean just baking for my classmates). Apart from my planned Valentine’s dinner (Dana’s lasagne went down a treat- you really must try it), my meals recently have been a mix of old standbys and fridge-cleaning experiments. Read more…

One for you, one for me: Mini Almond, Lemon and Semolina Cakes

Mini Almond, Lemon and Semolina Cakes

When you bake, who are you really baking for? You, your partner, kids, friends or co-workers? It has to go beyond your own enjoyment- unless you’re the type who can polish off a triple-layer cake in one sitting (and if you are, my respect and condolences). Read more…

Strangely familiar: Lemon and Semolina Buttermilk Cake with Fresh Strawberries

crème patisserie and cake

noted on the weekend that I haven’t been posting many desserts lately, and vowed to step up my game. True to my word, I got right to it yesterday; I was in a cake-baking mood and had some berries from the market, so a strawberry-topped cake seemed just the thing. Read more…