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Tag: shrimp

A Long-Lost Love: Peanut Thai Noodle

Peanut Thai Noodle

Don’t you love rediscovering an old favourite? Whether a book, old movie or cherished item of clothing, it’s always nice to stumble across our long-forgotten loves. That’s what happened this week in my kitchen, with (predictably) a recipe for (perhaps unpredictably) a stir-fry. Read more…

Indulgence: Shrimp, Red Pepper and Cheddar Quesadillas


I love shrimp, and Andrew and I used to eat them frequently. Lately I’ve been trying to scale us way back, due to certain ethical concerns, as well as the somewhat alarming news that seafood will be off the menu completely within 50 years. So these days we might have one or two meals with shrimp a month, which is pretty much it for our animal intake. Read more…

A Med meal: Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp, Chili and Feta

tomatoes prawns feta

I think I’m in a Mediterranean state of mind, today. Is there such thing as a Mediterranean state of mind? I’m sure there must be. Waking up with the sun in my eyes was probably what did it, and I haven’t been able to shake that “holiday” feeling all day. Read more…

Shhh: Curry Fried Farro with Egg, Shrimp and Pancetta

fried farro bowls

I feel irrationally anxious about posting a recipe on this blog that contains meat. Now that I’ve announced to the world that I don’t eat it, you’d think I’d stand by that claim. To be fair though, I did say that my diet was largely vegetarian, not completely, and besides, I have a very good reason for this. Read more…