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Tag: vanilla

Blast from the past: Homemade Oreos

oreos with milk

This post is not going to start with a fond childhood memory of eating Oreos accompanied by a tall glass of milk. I didn’t have that kind of childhood; my Mum doesn’t like sweet things much herself, and so endeavored to raise my sister and me to have similar tastes. When we were really young, the health quotient in our house was high. Cookies were always homemade (ginger snaps sweetened with molasses), peanut butter was natural and snacks consisted of a cup of frozen peas. We even drank unsweetened grapefruit juice, for heaven’s sake. Read more…

A fancy lunch: Asparagus with a Poached Egg and Vanilla-Mint Vinaigrette

asparagus with poached egg

This isn’t the kind of thing that I usually have for lunch, believe me. The above meal is akin to what I call “fancy” food, ie. food that, while delicious, is best left to French bistros and particularly ambitious food bloggers, rather than attempted by yourself, at home. Read more…