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New places, new friends, new tastes: Lunch on the Amalfi Coast

When on holiday, I tend not to place too much emphasis on lunch. After stuffing myself at breakfast and looking forward to an indulgent dinner, I’m more than likely to keep this meal simple. A slice of takeaway pizza or a slice of focaccia by the beach is all I really need. There are always exceptions, but the important thing is that the middle of the day, when on holiday, is for exploring.

On the second day of our holiday, Andrew and I boarded a boat called Cool (no, I’m not kidding- how funny is that?!) for an all-day exploration of the Costiera Amalfitana. Us and nine other passengers were treated to the sights of picturesque towns, eerie grottoes, dramatic cliffs and charming islands. With the famous island of Capri as our halfway point, we had three hours to kill before sailing back the way we’d come. We’d befriended an American couple on the boat, so the four of us headed off to explore the island together.

Its breathtaking natural beauty aside, Capri wasn’t my favourite place we visited; the throngs of tourists made even moving difficult, let alone shopping, taking photos or enjoying the scenery. Luckily, we were able to find a pizza restaurant with stunning views, friendly service and good prices- a rare combination in such a high-traffic area, I’ll bet. I wasn’t expecting pizza perfection, but my thin-crust pie of buffalo mozzarella and creamed artichokes was utterly delicious. I couldn’t finish the entire thing (so big!), but looking at that photo now, I regret it.

The other most memorable of our lunches happened the next day; after a morning spent soaking up the stunning landscape of Positano, Andrew and I returned to Amalfi set on enjoying some real Italian fast food. We’d stumbled across a hole-in-the-wall seafood place during our explorations around town, and returned, starving, to sample some of the yummiest Frutti di Mare I’ve ever had. You’ve heard of fish and chips served in a paper cone, yes? Well, imagine that fish is a mix of anchovies, calamari, shrimp and squid, all fresh from the Mediterranean, and you get the idea. Chosen, floured and deep-fried right in front of us, this was Italy like I’d never experienced before.

After lunch, it’s time for relaxing: sunbathing on a boat deck, reading by the pool, or just finding a comfy place to sit and watch the world go by. The day’s been delicious so far, but there are more tastes of the coast to sample yet.

Tomorrow: indulgent dinners and sweet treats.


  1. Vicki Randle says:

    It all sounds and looks absolutely fantastic. We are off on our own adventure next week…Alaskan cruise…can’t wait!

  2. maya says:

    how awesome.
    i’d so go back at this instant.
    i loved everything lemon about this place – especially some lemon profiteroles which we’ve had in a restaurant with limoncello zabayon drizzled on top…. !
    you can check out my italy post for some of the pix

    (btw, i couldn’t hold myself back and brought back 5 pounds of canned tomatoes in my suitcase. my bf said i was insane)

  3. That seafood cone looks amazing! Curious, did you have any dips for the chips save for the regular fare of ketchup and mayo