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A First Time for Everything: Asian Peanut Slaw

Asian Peanut Slaw

My Mum has a saying, one which should bring comfort to frustrated parents everywhere: Picky eaters are just good cooks in the making. Though this hasnt been scientifically proven, its definitely proved accurate in the case of me and my sister, and indeed most of our cousins, too.

My family was rife with picky eaters, and I was the worst of the bunch. Christmas Eve dinner for me was often a roll with butter, and I would routinely get stomach aches before going to a certain aunts house for dinner, so frightened I was of whatever she was going to foist upon us. (Ive since come to realise that said aunt is actually a wonderful cook, and love eating at her house.)

Though my picky-eater status is nowhere near where it used to me, and my good cook status much improved, there are still a few things that Ive never been tempted to try, let alone cook. Dishes that, by their merest mention,