Brine-less but beautiful: Quick-Pickled Radishes and Cucumbers



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  1. Is it terrible to confess that I still drink the brine? We had some pickles recently and I finished the. Entire. Jar. Of. Brine. Haha, yes why didn’t we ever pour ourselves a glass?
    I am so going to make this!

  2. Sigh…my mom’s pickles are a thing of memory too. Her pickled beets were amazing. And her “everyday” dill pickles were so good. She DARED us to drink the juice! Said it would make our hair curly! I’m still waiting….

  3. Mothers always have the best suggestions. Your radishes are perfection. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  4. It must be my Scandinavian upbringing – I love everything pickled! I have never thought about pickling radishes. Sounds really good with cucumbers!

  5. i’ve been meaing to try pickling since Hot Knives wrote about it, but the momofuku watermelon pickle looks great.

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