Bagged Bread, Bagged Veg

You know what they like to say about the weather in Britain? If you don’t like it, wait five minutes. Both fortunately and unfortunately, this statement rings true; fortunate in that a violent rain shower might blow over in a matter of minutes, and unfortunate in that when you wake up to a gorgeous, sunny sky, it might be gone by the time you’re dressed and ready to enjoy it. Such was the case this morning. It was sunny and clear when I got out of bed, but overcast and preposterously windy by the time I made it to the market an hour later. Still, at least it wasn’t cold, and I can be grateful for small mercies.

This might not look like a lot of food, but I still have plenty of produce leftover from a mid-week shop, so I doubt we’ll starve. In fact, I’m planning on eating pretty well this week. This Baked Mushroom Risotto with Caramelized Onions from The Kitchn will most definitely be on the menu, though I’ll have to get the mushrooms from the supermarket since the mushroom stall wasn’t open today. Continuing with that theme, I’d like to try some stuffed portobellos, possibly this recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi. I’ve got some lovely Italian Taleggio in the fridge, just waiting for a recipe like this.

Of the selection above, I must admit that I’m most excited about the sourdough loaf. I don’t often buy large loaves from the market, but couldn’t resist today. I guess I’ll be eating lots of tartines and crostinis- Tiina from Sparkling Ink is always a great source for these kinds of recipes. The sweet new potatoes make me think of spring, so perhaps something like this is in order.

Also, I must bake something sweet today. I have school tomorrow and have promised the girls in my design class a tasty treat to nibble on. What to make that will impress a gaggle of chic and creative ladies? I’m hoping these Cappuccino Bars from Dana Treat will do the trick.

What are you cooking up this week? Anything you’re especially looking forward to?

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