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Bank Holiday Veg

Bank Holiday Veg

Apologies for the tardiness with this post. Today is (was?) a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, so Ive had other things on my to-do list. The day was one part delicious (scones in the morning, slow-scrambled eggs for lunch), one part productive (defrosting the fridge, a run in the park) and several parts lazy (watching Mary Poppins and That Thing You Do! on TV). I figured Id better get these veggies live before Glee starts, though.

Because yesterday was slightly more usual, and I did manage to buy food for the week- or rather, Andrew did. I was stuck at work, but if this gorgeous selection is the result of staying away from the market, well- I wouldnt mind a repeat.

Its nearing the end of asparagus season, and this bunch of stalks is thicker than ideal. Still, Im intrigued by Smitten Kitchens Shaved Asparagus Pizza, and think Ill be trying that technique in some form or other.

If its late for asparagus, it seems a bit early for strawberries. But the few days of hot weather weve had seem to have paid off- those two punnets were a lot sweeter than I imagined. Theyre almost all gone, eaten as a snack with vanilla yogurt.

That gigantic lettuce will serve me well if the hot weather returns. I like salads with bite, so this Panzanella looks great to me. I can add in cubes of that lovely bread, and maybe even the beets (roasted), as well.

What are you cooking this week?


  1. Jennifer says:

    Those veggies look deliciousthe bread you photograph always looks so tempting!

    I made a pork shoulder (a roast, really) in the slow cooker for the Memorial Day holiday here in the States-I made a homemade barbecue sauce for itwe might very well be eating it the rest of the weekit made a TON. We also have baked beans and potato salad to go with it. I may not have to cook again until Friday!!!!:)

    Have a great week!

  2. yublocka says:

    MMm strawberries. Ours are not so fab here at the moment. Im jealous!!!!