Best Butcher Knife Set

Best Butcher Knife Set in 2023

When it comes to preparing meat in your kitchen or butcher’s shop, there probably isn’t a better knife to work with than… well, a butcher’s knife!

Not only are they tough and heavy enough to be able to cut through meat and bone with ease (much more so than many other cooking knives), but they also provide an unparalleled level of control when it comes to your cuts, with fewer slices needed to get the cuts that you want.

However, if you’re looking to expand your culinary repertoire, you’ll soon find that a single butcher’s nice does not (pardon the pun) cut it.

If that is the case, then you need to be on the lookout for a butcher’s knife set that contains everything that you need for dealing with any kind of meat, from fish to poultry, to pork and beef.

Fortunately, we have created just the buyer’s guide to help you out with such a problem!

Not only do we show you an expansive array of different butcher knife sets that you can purchase right now, but we also have plenty of advice for what you should be looking for in a good set of butcher knives too, in case you want to keep searching on your own.

With that out of the way, let’s cut to the chase, and check out these butcher’s knives!

Best Butcher Knife Set in 2023

Lasso Brag

Victorinox 7 Piece Field Dressing Butcher Knife Set

Starting us off with a reliable name in the world of kitchenware, Victorinox has been providing us with top-quality knives and equipment for our cooking spaces for more than 130 years, so they know a thing or two about what you need your butcher’s knives to do.

And pretty much everything that you could need for getting around a big cut of meat can be found in their 7-piece field butcher knife set.

With two boning knives that can tackle different types of meats, the short pairing knife, the 8-inch breaking knife, and the 10-inch cimeter-like butcher knife (and a good honing rod, of course), you’ll be able to handle pretty much any kind of meat thrown your way, whether you’re in the kitchen, in the butcher shop, or even out in the field!

Plus, the X50 CrMOV15 Steel that these knives are made of is some of the highest-quality material that you can make this sort of equipment from, meaning that they’ll last as much as they look good and professional.

Throw in the field bag that comes as standard with this purchase, and you have a butcher set that is just as much at home being used for campaign and hunting as it is for professional kitchen uses!


  • A great amount of variety of knives on offer here.
  • The protective field bag makes transporting these items both easier and low-profile, as well as being rugged and durable.
  • The steel these knives are made from is reliably tough, so they’ll stand the test of time.
  • This is a great kit to get started with when it comes to expanding your knowledge and experience with butcher equipment.


  • The fact that these knives do not come with sheaths as standard may affect their quality over long-term periods.

Master Maison 7-Piece Premium Kitchen Knife Set

Master Maison is another name that you may have heard of when it comes to kitchen goods, with a plethora of knives for customers to buy, both individually and as sets.

This particular set is the perfect product for intrepid butchers to take up if they want to start taking their cooking skills and cuts to the next level.

This set contains pretty much everything a home cook could want, from utility knives to bread knives to, of course, an excellently crafted butcher’s knife, forged from high-quality German steel that can stand up to a ton of punishment.

They have also been made from a single portion of steel, meaning that there are no natural weak points in the knife to snap or break off.

One of the main issues that can become a problem for many knives (including butcher’s knives) is that they can quickly become dulled and less effective if not properly cared for and sharpened regularly.

This is something that Master Maison has taken into account, as this set comes with a knife sharpening block, keeping them nice and effective for much longer!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your kitchenware, this is the product to do so with!


  • A great variety of knives can be used in the kitchen, aside from just the butcher’s knife.
  • Made from high-quality materials that are unlikely to snap or break, thanks to the manufacturing process.
  • The knives feel both comfortable to hold, and have enough weight in them to be effective cutting tools, slicing through meat with ease!


  • While these knives are incredibly tough, you might warp and bend slightly over time.
  • While this is an excellent set of kitchen knives that includes a butcher’s knife, the lack of variety for butcher’s knives specifically might not be to everyone’s tastes.

J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set

Now, if you’re looking for a truly expansive set of butcher’s knives to work with, then you can’t go wrong with J.A. Henckels!

For starters, this product has pretty much every other entry on this list beaten on sheer numbers alone, with 18 individual pieces making up this gorgeous set, from utility and steak knives, up to the larger and pristinely-made chef and butcher’s knives.

Such a massive collection of cutting and cooking tools might be a headache to have if you don’t have the space to store them, however.

Fortunately, this is something that J. A. Henckels has thought of, and the knife block that this product comes with is more than up to the task of housing them, saving plenty of space, and keeping these tools compact, yet safely, stored.

This product even comes with its honing rod, and a slot for it too!

If you can fork out this product, we would recommend this block of knives for any kitchen.


  • !8-piece set has you covered for virtually all domestic kitchen needs.
  • The knife block that this product comes with is space efficient and safe.
  • Knives have an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and use.
  • Even comes with a honing rod for further sharpening.


  • While the chef and butcher’s knives are excellent, this is another case where this is more for general kitchen use, than a dedicated butcher’s knife set.

Victorinox Ultimate 8-Piece Competition BBQ Set

Now, some of you may be taking a double take at this next entry, as it looks an awful lot like the 7-piece set by Victorinox that we covered earlier in this piece.

Well, that similarity is no coincidence, as this is effectively the Victorinox 7-piece’s bigger, more variety-packed brother, with an even bigger variety of dedicated butcher knives for you to use.

Not only do you get the classic boning and cimeter butcher knife, but you also get a range of different knives, from the wide slicer graton blade to even a slaughter knife.

This is a kit that you can tell was made with butchers in mind and made to a high standard as well!

The carrying roll for these different blades is also excellent, although fans of the other set’s rugged dependability may find that actively carrying this bag whilst out camping is a little harder on you.

You can tell that the designers for this set were prioritizing use at home or in a butcher’s shop first and foremost.

So, in short, if you want more of what Victorinox has to offer on top of their previous step, this is a perfect upgrade to any home butcher setup that you have!


  • An excellent set of butcher’s tools that perfectly complement their smaller 7-piece product!
  • Plenty of variety of dedicated butcher’s knives, from carving and boning, to cimeter and slaughter knives.
  • Also comes with a carrying bag for discrete transport.


  • This larger set doesn’t have the same outdoor transportability and usability as its smaller counterpart, benign more dedicated to home use.

Sword & Crown Professional Butcher Knife Set

Many of the items that we have covered, while all being great tools to have, have broadly fallen into either generalized kitchen knife sets that have specific butcher knives, or multiple incredibly intricate butcher tools that can be a little confusing and intimidating for newcomers to butchering meat to wrap their heads around.

However, this next item, a 4-piece butcher knife set by Sword & Crown is the perfect entry point item for people that have just started taking a greater interest in the butchering process themselves, and want to get their first set.

This set contains 4 classic butcher knives: a 7-inch butcher knife, a 6-inch skinning knife, and rigid and flexible boning knives, respectively.

This gives you just enough versatility to start appreciating the roles for different. While also being dependable enough to be used by even seasoned butchers.

Add to that the fact that these knives also hold their sharp edges very well, and you have a set of tools that are perfect for beginners to wrap their heads (and hands) around!


  • The 4-piece set offers enough versatility for newcomers, without becoming too niche or specific. The perfect starter kit!
  • Easy to hold and use, they are great for learning how to cut well with butcher’s utensils.
  • These blades hold their edge for a long time too!


  • When moistening these blades, you may find that they slip easier, so take extra care when cleaning and maintaining them.

FULLHI Butcher Knife Set Hand-Forged Chef Knife

Next up, it’s the kind of item that every chef one-day dreams of having in their kitchen: The fabled hand-forged chef’s knives!

And if we’re looking at hand-crafted butcher’s tools, we may as well go with one of the best!

One of the things that we love about hand-forged cutting and cooking blades is just how tough they are, resistant to pretty much all kinds of damage, from chipping to bending to snapping, and this set by FULLHI is no different.

They’re built to last, and stand up to pretty much any kind of work you need them to do!

Plus, there’s plenty of variety of tools to sink into with this set, with 12 separate items to become familiar with, from deboning blades to carving and utility blades. And thanks to the crafting process, they’re all super tough!

And when you take into account the extras that this set comes with, from the finger guards to the honing rod, to even a pair of cut-resistant gloves, you have an item that will soon become the envy of every prospective chef that you know!


  • The forging process makes this 12-piece set reliable to use.
  • This set isn’t just dependable but is also gorgeous to look at as well.
  • This set comes with plenty of extras.


  • The carrying case doesn’t seem to be built to the same high standards.

Buyer’s Guide


This is probably the most important feature that you’ll want to keep track of when looking for a good butcher’s knife set, and one where many dedicated products fall short.

Many people are surprised to find that there is not one single type of butcher’s knife, but several, and a good set will include most if not all of them in a single set, including the following:

  • Cleaver. This knife is ideal for heavy chopping that should have enough weight to do its job, as well as a convex grind to avoid potential chipping or breaking.
  • Butchering Blade. The classic butcher’s tool is ideally used for sectioning different parts of a chosen meat, good for whole carcasses.
  • Breaking Knife. This is another butcher knife that you will often use on larger cuts of meat if you are looking to make it into smaller pieces.
  • Cimeter. The extra curve on this blade allows for even cleaner slices.
  • Boning Knife. This knife is essential for cutting through the bones of a cut of meat, and will usually come in both flexible and stiff versions for different kinds of bone.

Some other knives that you may also come across are

  • Slaughter Knives. These are made for cutting much larger pieces of meat up
  • Butcher Saw. Often used for cutting up truly massive bones that a boning knife can’t handle.

These last two are less common in most sets, however.


You’ll want a set of butcher’s durable knives. What good will they be if they chip and break on first contact, after all?

When considering this factor, try and look at the manufacturing process to see how durable they can be. Knives made from single pieces of metal (ideally steel or some derivative) will be less likely to snap or chip.

Many hand-made knives will be treated by quenching them in water, making them tempered and very durable as well.


With a full knife set, having a bag that is tough and large enough to carry them is essential.

Plus, carrying butcher’s knives out in the open is often subject to many laws regarding carrying blades, especially when their blades are longer than a certain amount.


A good set will also come with at least a few extras. Many will come with some kind of sharpening tool (i.e. a honing rod or sharpening block), but you can also find products with items such as finger protectors, and even safety gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Butcher’s Knife Different?

If you have managed to get this far into our guide, and are still wondering what exactly the distinction is between a butcher’s knife and a regular kitchen knife (firstly, thank you so much for sticking with us!), allow us to explain.

While a simple kitchen knife will usually be made for cutting a variety of different food items reasonably well, butcher’s knives are specifically designed for cutting large pieces of raw meat, often that has just been taken from the original animal in question, into smaller, more manageable pieces for other kitchen equipment to handle.

As such, it has a few design quirks that make it stand out from other kitchen knives.

Firstly, most butcher’s knives will generally be larger and heavier than their standard counterpart, which helps give them the weight to cut through organic matter like muscle, ligaments, cartilage, and even bone.

The blade of a butcher’s knife will also often be curved more than standard knives. This allows them to make longer cuts through meat, which in turn also allows for a smoother cut to the meat that you are working with.

Can I Soak My Butcher’s Knives When Cleaning Them?

To avoid rust buildup, avoid soaking butcher’s knives when cleaning them.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these sets will you try first?

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