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Best Fillet Knife in 2023

If you are looking to boost your culinary skills, you need to ensure you have the correct tool kit in your kitchen.

You can scour all the best recipes, and buy only the freshest of ingredients, but if you are ill-equipped you’ll never produce those gourmet 5-star meals that you have the potential to create.

And this could not be more the case regarding fish. You see when you clean and fillet a fish, you need to use a very specific knife.

Your typical knives knocking around in your cupboards just won’t do the trick. I imagine, however, that you already know this, as here you are doing your research on that specific knife – the fillet knife.

And research is a very important part of the process, so well done. The market is absolutely saturated with different fillet knives available, but you only want the best and most effective options, right?

Well, differentiating the good, the bad, and the ugly can become quite a difficult task.

Which is why I am here. I have done all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. I’ve trialed and tested the best and most renowned fish fillet knives around so that you don’t have to. Then, I compiled a list of the very best options that I’ve tried.

So sit back, relax, and read on as I guide you through the best fillet knives that money can buy.

Top 5 Fish Fillet Knives

Lasso Brag

Morakniv Fishing Comfort

I must say, I was super impressed by this multi-functional knife. It was produced by a well-known Swedish knife company that has been constantly and continuously creating and developing knives for well over 100 years. So they definitely know a thing or two about good-quality creations.

Well, this knife can be used to effortlessly and easily fillet fish, but it also comes in handy as a pretty great bait knife too. It is relatively small but it does the job that it is designed for perfectly and fits into your hand so comfortably.

The knife has two length options, so you can opt for the smaller 3.5-inch blade which works amazingly for smaller fish. Or if you prefer bigger catches, then you have the option for the 6.1-inch blade too.

The blade itself, made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, is super sharp so handle it with caution. Luckily it also comes with a rubber handle that makes for easy grip which minimizes slipping and also comes with a plastic sheath as an additional safety feature.


  • Easy Maintenance – Very easy to use and clean.
  • Good Handle – Good grip and non-slip
  • Safety Features – Plastic sheath


  • Limited Flexibility – Not as flexible as some of the other products listed

Dalstrong Fillet Knife

Any fishing fanatic needs a strong and sturdy fillet knife. And you won’t really find a better option than the Dalstrong fillet knife that has won awards for its durable design. I see this knife as so much more than just a purchase – it’s an investment.

Something that will become a staple of your kitchen kit for years to come. It is one of the most durable knives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks to its high-carbon German steel material the knife is impressively strong.

One of my absolute pet peeves with knives are ones that start out super strong and sharp but quickly deteriorate into a dull blunt blade. Well, no such problem here.

The sharp edge of the blade has been retained for the months that I’ve been using it, and it doesn’t show any signs of decline so far.

I’d say this knife is probably best for larger fish because of its 7-inch-long blade. The blade is also around 1.5 mm thick and honestly, I’ve never skinned and deboned a fish at such an impressive speed as I did with this knife.

It also has an ergonomically designed handle that means you can make each and every move with perfect precision and easy maneuverability. Two leather sheaths are also included for safety; one for your kitchen cupboards and one for the great outdoors.


  • Durable – Strong material that ensures your knife is built to last
  • Ergonomic Handle – Allows for perfect precision and comfortable grip
  • Safety Features – 2 sheaths for indoor and outdoor use


  • Limited Flexibility – Due to the carbon steel there is not much flexibility in the knife
  • Care And Caution – Have to take care when using as blade tip has a tendency to break with exerted pressure.

Bubba 7-Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Fishing Knife

Tried and tested not only by me but by many fishing enthusiasts, this knife is a popular pick.

And once you have this knife in your palm, you’ll understand why. Without a doubt, my favorite feature of the Bubba Fillet Knife is the trigger-style grip on the handle.

Intricate movements and absolute accuracy become possible thanks to the easy maneuverability of such an easy-grip knife.

Whether you are filleting fish in the brilliant sunlight or the pouring down rain, you’ll never have to worry about this knife slipping or sliding.

It is impeccably well made too, don’t let its causal appearance deceive you, the materials used to create this knife ensures its durability and effectiveness.

The blade is created from high-carbon stainless steel, and if that were not enough it is then coated in Ti-Nitrate. So, you can ensure that this sturdy knife will still be around for a while.

The knife also has potentially one of the sharpest blades and pointy tips that I’ve come across which makes insertion, cutting, and cleaning fish the simplest exercise in the world. Something I thought I’d never say.


  • Rust-Resistant – Ti-Nitrate coating ensures it won’t rust
  • Great Handle – Trigger-Style grip means you’ll always have precision and accuracy.
  • Safety Features – Included sheath and belt loop.


  • Belt Loop – While some may love this, it isn’t a great option for those who, like me, prefer not to carry belts when fishing

TUO Cutlery Boning Knife

Now I must say, I was so excited for this knife to finally arrive. Shun has quite the reputation as a fantastic brand and I have tried a few of their other products before, all of which have been life-changing to my culinary experiences.

It did not disappoint.

I will say before we get into all the nitty gritty details, that it might hurt a little to part with the amount of money it costs to purchase this bad boy. However, it is well worth the investment as it is one of the best fillet knives I’ve ever used. Ever.

This knife is of the highest quality and was created in Japan. It has a 6-inch blade that will cut seamlessly through fish with ease unlike any other.

It is incredibly effective and razor sharp. So you’ll want to take extra caution when using if you’d like to keep your fingers. Which I’m assuming you do.

It has a slightly-ridged D-shaped handle that ensures that all-important secure grip. This isn’t the kind of tool that you want unexpectedly slipping from your fingers. Trust me.


  • Incredibly Effective – One of the best and sharpest fillet knives I’ve tried and tested
  • Easy Precision – D-shaped easy-grip handle allows for stealthily accurate maneuverability
  • Highly Flexible – More movement


  • Expensive – costs a lot more than other similar products on the market

Shun Cutlery Classic Boning & Fillet Knife

I promise I’ll get to all the amazing features of this knife, but can we just take a minute to appreciate how stunning this fillet knife is? If aesthetics are an important feature of your kitchen tool set, then this will fit right at home.

Of course, though, this knife has far more to offer than simply looking good. It is super efficient thanks to its incredibly sharp blade.

Boning and cleaning out a catch has never been such a quick process for me as it was with this knife, so you’ll spend less time stuck in the kitchen and have more free time to yourself. What could be better?

The handle fits comfortably in your hand and will allow you to cut with perfect precision, all the while being one of the most stylish designs that will fit in seamlessly with any kitchen decor.


  • Durable & Rust-Resistant Blade – Uses German stainless steel
  • Affordable – Very reasonably priced compared to other products on the market
  • Ergonomic Handle Design – Fits comfortably and doesn’t slip


  • Lack Of Safety Features – Does not include a sheath to cover the blade which is very sharp.

Buyers Guide

The knife market is pretty saturated. This means there are tons of different ones to choose from. On the one hand, this really is a privilege that we shouldn’t grumble about.

It means that we can find the perfect match for our own specific intentions. On the other hand, though, it makes distinguishing between a good knife and a not-so-great knife pretty difficult.

What exactly are you looking for? What makes a good knife compared to what makes a bad one? It can be tricky to know the answers to these questions, right?

Not anymore.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the features that you want to evaluate before you complete any purchase.

Blade Material

Fishing can be a really rewarding experience, especially when you can then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But you won’t be enjoying anything unless you’ve got the correct tools for the job. Just like you need a decent fishing rod, you need a great fillet knife too.

And a great knife can essentially be boiled down to the quality of the material used to make the blade. Unfortunately, as with many things, you’ll get what you pay for.

And a durable, sturdy, and effective material will cost more than a flimsy one. So this is something to consider.

Really, you want to be looking for a blade made of stainless steel or a similar component. This is because steel is easy to sharpen and it is much more durable and so your knife will last you a lot longer.

If you really want to push the boat out, pun intended, then you can upgrade to a chromium or high-carbon-infused blade too.

Where possible, you always want to opt for a knife that also has some form of protective coating. This is especially important if you are filleting your fish outdoors due to the knife getting wet.

This protective coating will help to fight against rust and corrosion.

Blade Flexibility

Fish filleting is much more than just some standard process, it’s an art. A skill that requires dedication to master perfectly.

This is because you have to be absolutely accurate and have perfect precision and to do this you’ll require a knife that can bend without breaking. So a flexible knife is a must.

You don’t really want to be purchasing a fillet knife that resembles anything close to a standard kitchen knife. You won’t need excessive force for filleting, you just need something small and sharp that has a little bit of give in it.

So try to avoid heavy and clunky blades and go for something much more intricate and flexible.

Blade Length

Filleting knives will come in a variety of different blade lengths. Some can be as small as just four inches long, some specialized filleting knives can be as long as one foot.

There isn’t really a right or wrong blade length. It’s not a case of one being better than another, but more each has its own purpose.

The length that will be right for you will depend on the size of the fish that you most commonly catch. Usually, if you’re looking for a good all-rounder though, you’re aiming for somewhere between 6-8 inches in length.

As you would imagine, the smaller the fish you catch, the smaller the knife you’ll need.

So before you purchase your knife you’ll want to evaluate what length will be the most appropriate and beneficial for the type of fish you’ll be filleting.

Of course, if you are a true fishing finatic, there is nothing wrong with investing in several fillet knives in a variety of sizes!

Knife Handle

Filleting fish is a fiddly business, and you do not want a knife that is going to slip and slide in your hand. Not only would this be dangerous, but it’ll ruin your catch too. Neither of which sounds ideal, right?

So, you want to ensure that the knife you choose has a handle with a good grip. When purchasing online, you can’t always try it out for yourself but you should be looking for an ergonomic handle.

You can always check the reviews too to see what other customers think of the handle.

Typically, fillet knife handles come in a few different materials; wood, laminate, or plastic.

Plastic – A plastic handle is nice and light and generally means easy upkeep. However, they tend to be a little flimsy and fragile and so can easily wear out or break.

I don’t really recommend them where possible because they can also damage easily when exposed to heat.

Wooden – Wooden handles can feel really comfortable in your hand and definitely have a more natural feel. The only drawback is that they don’t tend to be all that durable and can sometimes harbor bacteria.

Laminate – Laminate handles are kind of a mix between the two and are, in my opinion, the best choice. They are easy to maintain and clean and are the most durable of the three options.

Regardless of your choice though, it is imperative that it is easy for you to grasp and doesn’t slip.

These knives are incredibly sharp and can do some serious damage if not handled with caution and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Fish Knife Curved?

Fish knives tend to be curved to allow for easy incisions and steadier cuts. The shape of the knife allows for better precision and accuracy.

How Thick Should A Fillet Knife Be?

Fillet knife blades are intended to be quite thin. The thickness of the blade itself will vary from knife to knife but you are looking for no more than 2-4 mm in thickness.

This is so that the knife still has the ability to bend and flex.

Should A Fish Fillet Knife Be Flexible?

Yes. It is important that there is flexibility in your filleting knife to ensure that you can make clean and precise cuts to your fish. It also allows for easy skin removal.

Final Thoughts

Which of the knives in this list will be the most suitable for you will depend on the type of fish you are intended to fillet. However, I can tell you that not one of these products has the ability to disappoint.

Regardless of your choice, you can be safe in the knowledge that not only will you have made a great purchase but an investment in a tool that will last you a lifetime.

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