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Best Gyuto Knives in 2023

“Gyuto” is a Japanese word that literally translates into “cow blade.” This definition makes it obvious that a gyuto knife is an ideal blade for cutting meat. 

It doesn’t really end there. In fact, a gyuto knife is a Japanese alternative to a Western chef knife. It allows you to chop and dice practically anything.

But what are the best gyuto knives to get in 2023? 

Read on for a list of the top three gyuto knives in the market. This article gives you an overview of the factors you should consider when picking your knife.

3 Best Gyuto Knives

Here’s a list of the top three gyuto knives that you can use whether you’re a professional or a home cook:

  1. Yoshihiro VG-10 Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife – Best Overall

The Yoshihiro VG-10 Gyuto knife combines performance and beauty. It’s a one-of-a-kind design handcrafted by a master artist in Japan.

With 46 layers of steel hammered to form its blade, this knife prevents food from sticking. That makes it suitable for all tasks around the kitchen.

It also features a sharp edge with a 15-degree angle. That angle makes the knife sharp enough to slice veggies and meat into super thin pieces.

In addition, this model comes with an octagonal Japanese Wa-style handle. That way, it allows for seamless use, which gives you a comfortable grip.

On top of that, the blade of this knife is made of VG-10 steel covered with Damascus steel. Both materials are stain resistant, which prevents rusting during extended uses. The Damascus steel finish also adds to the durability of the Yoshihiro VG-10.


  • Material: VG 10 
  • Outer layer: 46 layers of hammered steel
  • Handle: Octagonal Wa-style handle
  • Handle color: Ambrosia wood
  • Blade length: 8.2″


  • Comes with a wooden sheath for protection when it’s not in use
  • Stunning and handcrafted with great skill
  • A comfortable handle that welds to the hands
  • A sharp edge to slice through meat and veggies


  • Can be too lightweight for some chefs 
  • Not suitable for people on a budget
  1. Tojiro DP Gyuto Knife – Best for Beginners

If you’re a home chef new to the world of Japanese cutlery, the Tojiro DP Gyuto knife is the choice for you.

It features an even edge that makes it comfortable for left and right-handed people. It also makes the knife ideal for paper-thin slicing and fine cuts. 

In addition, both sides are beveled at 12 degrees, which makes the knife sharp and super easy to handle.

These two features make the Tojiro DP ideal for beginners. On top of that, it comes with a Western-style handle that makes it comfortable and familiar to most users.

This knife is sturdy, as it’s made in Japan with the best quality material. It’s durable, but also thin and a little brittle. Thus, it might need sharpening from time to time.


  • Material: VG10 cobalt alloy steel
  • Outer layer: 13 layers of chrome stainless steel
  • Handle: Yo-style Full tang
  • Handle color: Black 
  • Blade length: 8.2″


  • Includes a blade protector in the package
  • Professional quality at an affordable price
  • Sharp with a sloped edge for chopping thick or thin meat and vegetables


  • Can be vulnerable to microscopic chips
  • Made of carbon steel that’s prone to rust despite the stainless steel finish
  1. Famcute 8 Inch Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife – Budget Pick

Who said you can’t get a high-quality knife if you’re on a tight budget? 

The Famcute Gyuto knife comes at a super affordable price without forsaking its premium quality.

It features a sharp 16-degree edge, which makes it handy around the kitchen. You can use it for chopping thick meats or veggies, or even slicing paper-thin cuts of fine meats.

The handle on this knife is made of African rosewood and has a German style. That makes it stable enough to give you a full grip on the knife. Such ease of use, in turn, adds to the knife’s efficiency in cutting precise and thin slices.

Although this knife isn’t the most lightweight, it’s not unconvertable. This is mainly because its weight is tipped towards the edge to give it extra cutting strength and keep you comfortable during extended uses.


  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Outer layer: 3 layers of carbon steel
  • Handle: German-style octagonal African rosewood
  • Handle color: brown
  • Blade length: 8’’


  • Razor-sharp for effortless dicing and chopping
  • The best value for your money
  • Comes with a patterned blade to prevent food from sticking to the knife


  • Made of carbon steel, so it rusts
  • Doesn’t come with a full tang, so the handle may separate eventually

Gyuto Knives Buying Guide

When choosing a gyuto knife, there are three factors to consider:

1. Size

The blades of gyuto knives are typically between 7 and 11.8 inches long. However, the best and most comfortable size is between 8 and 9.4 inches. 

This size range makes the knife more comfortable and easier to maneuver, which helps with precision cuts and thin slicing.

2. Blade Material

Gyuto knives can be made of either carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel can rust, so you should hand wash and dry the knife after every use. It also usually forms a patina after some time.

On the other hand, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. However, it can dull faster and is relatively harder to sharpen. That’s why the ideal knife usually combines both types of steel.

3. The Handle Style

Typically, there are two handle styles to choose from: the Wa and the Yo. The Wa-style is the traditional Japanese style. It can be octagonal, D-shaped, or oval. This handle works best if you like to pinch-grip your knife.

On the other hand, the Yo-style is the usual Western handle we’re most familiar with. It’s ideal for those who like to have a full grip on their knives.


If you’re in the market for the best gyuto knife, you need to consider three factors: the knife’s size, blade material, and handle style.

Scanning the market in 2023 has shown that the best three gyuto knives include the Yoshihiro VG-10, which combines beauty and functionality.

If you’re a beginner, you need an easy-to-handle knife, such as the Tojiro DP Gyuto. It’s ideal for both left and right-handed people.

Finally, go for a Famcute 8 Inch Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife if you’re on a budget but still want the best quality.

Gyuto knives are magnificent and versatile. Regardless of which one you pick, it’ll be a great addition to your kitchen.

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