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Best Knife For Cutting & Slicing Brisket in 2023

When it comes to working in the kitchen, there are simply some knives which will be better at some tasks than others.

This guide will focus on knives that are the best suited for slicing brisket.

You can quite often find that there are some knives that will rip your brisket and tear it apart and this is not what a lot of people want.

So, if you are looking for a knife that will instead slice your brisket with accuracy, then this is the guide you need to be reading.

It is incredibly frustrating to use a tool for a task that it is not designed for.

Sometimes using a mismatched tool can get the job done, but the process is often awkward, and the final results will usually be a lower quality than what you desire.

While this is well known when it comes to some tools, for others this is not something that everyone is aware of.

For example, a lot of people do not know what some knives are supposed to be used for, and what task they will do the best.

Like, you know that a serrated knife will cut bread and meat a lot more effectively than it would butter.

If you are a fan of barbecuing and you do this frequently, you know how important cooking brisket can be.

Especially when a brisket is smoked, this can take a lot of time, so when it comes to serving up the final product, it is no wonder that a lot of chefs want the best knife possible for the job, especially when considering how much a bad knife can ruin the product.

So, if you want a knife that will be the best for serving your brisket with, keep on reading to see our selections and favorite brisket knives!

Our Favorite Brisket Knives

With our choice of brisket knives, we have selected a wide variety so you can see what qualities are good for a brisket knife to have.

This will ensure that you are well informed on the variety available, and you can see which products might suit you best, so even if we say one product might be better in one category, you know which will be better for you!

Lasso Brag

Victorinox 12 Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

When it comes to buying certain products, a lot of people prioritize buying from a company which they trust and know make good products.

While some will see this as just paying an extra premium, we can understand why you will want some brand familiarity.

This is why a lot of people pay for Victorinox products, and why we love this Granton style knife from them.

This company is well known for creating the iconic Swiss Army knives which have become incredibly popular, and while this is what they are most well known for, you will find that they make plenty of other amazing products.

This is a 12 inch slicing style knife which will be perfect for cutting your brisket, as well as looking impressive as well.

Because of the Granton features of this blade, it will be able to cut through almost any food easily and will not tear the fibers too much.

It is also a great knife for keeping sharp with it being a high carbon stainless steel.

It is still quite light and is well balanced too making it easy to use.


  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Has a straight edge that is easy to hone and sharpen
  • Has a Granton style blade which stops the tearing of the meat
  • Handle is comfortable to hold


  • Does not come with a storage solution or a sheath
  • Can be a little too long for some people.

Dexter 12 Inch Scalloped Slicer Knife

When it comes to scalloped blades, this is our top choice.

It is a high carbon content 12 inch blade which has a polypropylene handle that makes it 19 inches overall.

The handle itself is able to withstand super high and low temperatures, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged no matter the conditions that you are cooking with.

This is also a convenient blade with notable sanitary features like the handle being easy to clean, and the seal between the handle and the blade being sealed, not letting any bacteria get stuck in this space.

Having these features makes you confident when using the blade.

Having a scalloped edge makes this blade have a great performance when cutting, especially when compared to a serrated or a straight edge.

So, if you want a great performance with some useful sanitary features, this is one of our favorite options!


  • The scalloped blade design gives this a leg up when it comes to carving
  • The sanitary features give this blade an amazing performance
  • Was made in the USA


  • Can be quite difficult to get if you do not live in the USA
  • The handle, while durable, is not always the most comfortable
  • Does not come with a storage sheath

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 12″ Slicing Knife

This is one of our favorite knives when it comes, not just to the performance, but its appearance as well.

It is a stunning blade to look at, with plenty of details when you inspect it.

This is why we think this is one of the best options when it comes to a gift option, so if someone you love wants a brisket knife, this is a great option.

The blade has a hand finished design, and is constructed from a high carbon content Japanese stainless steel.

This is a very hard material, but it still has a bit of flex. The blade has an edge that is double bevelled as well.

The handle is also impact, cold, and heat resistant so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged or having a short life.

The blade is also triple riveted making sure that it will not break anytime soon.

Wusthof 10 Inch Classic Super Slicer

If you are tired of all of the blades we have chosen being a bit too large, and you want something a bit more manageable to work with, then this is the blade which you should be on the lookout for.

This is from an incredibly reputable brand, so you do not have to worry about this knife being of a low quality.

This blade is 10 inches long making it about 2 inches shorter than most other brisket knives, and while it is not the standard length, it is still perfect for cutting brisket with.

Overall, including the handle, this knife is 15.6 inches long which is a lot easier to work with, especially if you have smaller hands.

The blade is still an amazing quality with it being made from an amazing quality stainless steel and the handle is ergonomic as well.

The edge is slightly scalloped too making it perfect for cutting your brisket easily, but avoids tearing it while doing so.


  • The scalloped blade is perfect for cutting with
  • The riveted handle is comfortable to hold
  • Come from a reputable company


  • Quite expensive in spite of being shorter than average
  • Does not include a sheath
  • Only get if you prefer a shorter knife to work with.

Mercer Culinary Millennia 14 Inch Granton Slicer Knife


  • Has a much longer than average design with can be more practical
  • Granton design lowers any potential resistance
  • Made with high quality Japanese steel
  • Actually affordable compared to luxury options


  • Being so long, it can sometimes be difficult to work with
  • The handle is not property riveted to the blade

Brisket Knife Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to get a manual brisket knife so you can get the best results, there are still more considerations you need to make.

For example, you will need to choose whether you want to get a straight, a scalloped, or a serrated knife, and whether the knife is a granton knife as well.

There are plenty of reasons to get each type of knife, so let’s go through why you should get each type.

Straight Knife

The main strength of a straight blade is that you can get a very clean slice from it, however, sometimes it can be tricky to get your cut started.

On top of this, you also have to ensure that the edges stay sharp so they work properly.

Serrated Knife

Now a serrated knife will be perfect for grabbing onto what you are cutting and tearing through it, this is why they are so well suited for getting through more tough pieces of meat, or a hard bread crust, however, they do not allow much room for precision.

Scalloped Knife

When looking at the issues with the prior two blades, a scalloped blade is the perfect middle ground, this is because it bites onto what you are cutting like a serrated blade will, however, it will not tear up the food making it closer to a straight knife.

This type of knife will also give you more of an extra cutting edge in comparison to a straight blade, this means it will have an easier time getting through.

However, this blade will still tear a little if your meat is tender like a brisket tends to be.

Granton Knife

This is a type of straight edge blade which is popular for use as a carving knife. These are easily recognizable as they have indents throughout.

These indents are designed to create small air pockets when slicing which means that there is a reduced drag, and it will also stop anything from sticking to the knife or tearing it up.

While this style of knife was started by a company called Granton, there are now plenty of knives that use this style that are easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need A Specific Knife To Slice Brisket?

One thing a lot of people might still be wondering is why we actually need a specific knife that is just used for carving up brisket, and while you do not necessarily need a knife for cutting brisket, it can be incredibly useful.

We especially encourage you to invest in a brisket knife if you often barbecue, and you cook a lot of brisket, and want to serve it well.

As most people who cook brisket are aware of, brisket can be quite expensive if you are cooking a high quality cut, and even some of the cheaper cuts are still a lot more expensive than other meat.

So, of course, if you have invested in a nice expensive cut of meat, you will likely want it to look as presentable as possible, as well as neatly and uniformly sliced.

This should be taken into account especially if your brisket was cooked slowly and took a lot of time and effort.

If you are planning to serve brisket in long and thin slices, then a long blade is going to be preferable.

These slices will look best when you use as little backwards and forwards slices as possible, this will ensure that you are getting a clean cut, as opposed to a cut which has more torn and ragged edges.

Since brisket can often be quite tough because of its fiber content, having a specific knife to counter this can lead to the best results!

Should I Use A Manual Or An Electric Knife With Brisket?

When getting a carving knife, you will find two main categories, there are the manual knives, then there are the electric knives.

Both of these knives have their own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s assess these both now!

An electric knife will work a lot more quickly than a manual knife, and this is because it also requires a lot less strength or effort from you.

There is also the option to use interchangeable blades making an electric knife more multifunctional.

The power of an electric knife will also get through tougher cuts easier. However, there is always the chance that these knives could break down, and on top of this they tend to be more expensive.

Because of the forwards and backwards slices of these knives, they tend to get a more ragged result when slicing brisket.

They also tend to require a power outlet and they will be quite noisy.

For a manual knife, these can be easier to control, and you do not have to worry about them ever breaking down.

These knives also tend to be less expensive, and you can use them anywhere since they do not need an outlet. Generally speaking, they will also get you cleaner slices than an electric.

However, these knives will require a lot more strength, and are a lot slower to work with. They are also more awkward to store too!

So, both of these knives will do a passable job when it comes to cutting your brisket, however, if you are looking for uniform slices with precision control, get a manual, but if you want a more convenient experience which can work with a wider variety of cuts, then getting an electric would work best.


Hopefully this guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a brisket knife.

There are plenty of different pieces of information you need to know to get the best brisket knife for you.

If you have gone through the list of products and you are still unsure which knife will be best for you, we recommend you go through the buyer’s guide.

This will aid you with understanding which factors you can prioritize when it comes to making your decision on what brisket knife is best for you.

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