Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables

Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables in 2023

When it comes to working in the kitchen, if you want a smooth workflow and an easy time for food preparation, having the right tool for the job is essential.

That means having the right ingredients, the right workspace, and of course, the right tools at your disposal.

One of the foods that most people will often find themselves cutting up and preparing are vegetables and a lot of them at that.

So, if you’re cutting up a massive heap of vegetables, you’ll want something that can get the job done fast, and efficiently.

This is where our guide comes into the mix!

Here. we will go through some of the best knives that you can purchase on the market right now for cutting vegetables, from cleavers to chef’s knives, and show what makes each of them great.

And, if you still plan on doing your research, we even have a list of features that you should be keeping track of for yourself while you’re hunting for the perfect tool!

Best Knife For Cutting Vegetable Reviews

Made In Santoku 7-Inch Knife

Starting off our list with a relative newcomer to the world of cookware manufacturing, we have this exceptional santoku knife, made by the folks over at Made In (perhaps a little confusingly).

Made in has only been in the business of making cookware for a few years (at least when compared to their competitors), and they’ve already shown a great eye for product design.

Take this santoku knife, for example.

This 7-inch blade is forged by experienced 5th generation blade smiths in France and is made from a single rode of high-quality stainless steel.

Experience and prestige aside, this manufacturing method means that there are no structural weak points for the knife to break from, making it very durable and long-lasting, especially with the knife spine running through the handle.

Add to that a comfortable grip, and a design that is both functional and eye-catching, and it is no wonder that so many people seem to love this little chef’s tool!


  • Single sheet design makes the blade very tough.
  • The handle is both comfortable and makes for easy directing when in use.
  • Made by incredibly experienced blade smiths that have plenty of experience making high-quality kitchenware.
  • A simple, yet eye-catching aesthetic.


  • This product seems to struggle to hold a sharp blade, which can make repeated sharpening a frustrating chore.

Imarku Japanese Chef Knife

Up next, we have a world-class favorite when it comes to cooking implements!

Many culinary connoisseurs will have probably heard the name Imarku when it comes to cooking tools, and virtually everyone in a kitchen will know what a chef’s knife is.

So you’d better believe that a chef’s knife by Imarku is something that we’d be interested in trying out for ourselves!

The high-grade stainless steel is exactly the top-quality material that you’d expect an excellent chef’s knife to be made from, with this particular blade being treated to help prevent rust and corrosion buildup, alongside making it a great knife that won’t chip and break at the first sign of trouble.

The sharp edge of this knife is itself a very fine edge at only 2.5 millimeters thin, making it ideal for pretty much any chopping job in the kitchen, from mincing meat to slicing bread, and, of course, chipping up vegetables.

Combine that with an advanced pakkawood handle that looks get, yet still feels good to hold and use, and you have a truly exceptional knife in your hands.


  • The edge of the blade is perfect for cutting all sorts of foods.
  • Pakkawood handle makes for a secure grip that won’t easily slip, and feels super comfortable!
  • This knife is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • This product comes in a stylish protective case, making it a great gift for chefs and cooking enthusiasts!


  • You may find yourself frequently sharpening this product.

Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver

Time for a cooking implement that is a little different from the others that we have covered.

Many of the other products on this list are some variation of a chef’s knife, which some may find simply don’t weigh to effectively cut tougher vegetables, particularly big items such as lettuce or cabbage.

Fortunately, there is a kitchen knife that can tackle these things, and that’s the trusty cleaver.

This particular model made by Shun is a textbook example of this kind of blade.

Like many of the other kitchen blades in this guide, this Chinese-style, Japanese-made blade is made from a single piece of high-quality metal, giving it plenty of toughness and durability.

However, in cleavers, this also translates to having a lot of weight in the blade, making it an effective cutting tool for many tougher and more dense vegetables.

You’ll have no trouble with that cabbage that was giving you a hard time before now!

Plus, just look at it! The blade itself is a feast for the eyes, much less a feast for the belly, that you can prepare with this tool!


  • High-grade Japanese-made steel makes this cleaver very strong and damage resistant.
  • The heavier weight makes cutting virtually all vegetables easy, no matter how big and tough!
  • The handle is very comfortable to hold, making using this cleaver very easy for long periods, despite that bigger weight!
  • The blade looks incredible too, the perfect centerpiece for a kitchen display!


  • Cleavers are typically a little more difficult to control when cutting with. Not ideal for precision cuts
  • Compared to many of the other knives we have discussed, hand-forged cleavers like this can seem like quite a large price hike.

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Pro Chef’s Knife

When it comes to kitchenware. virtually everyone will have heard the name ‘Victorinox’ before.

Even non-chefs and cooks will have heard of their most famous product, the Swiss army knife!

That long history and experience is something that you can see in almost all of Victorinox’s products, and that includes their classic chef’s knife as well!

The tapered stainless steel edge makes directing this 8-inch knife a cinch, even with its large size It combines the best of both the weight of a larger blade, with the maneuverability of a small one.

That ease of handling is only bolstered by… well, its handle!

The ergonomic design means that it effectively slips into the palm of your hand, and stays there as you take the knife to town on everything from beef to beetroot.

With a relatively low price tag to boot, it’s no wonder that this chef’s knife is a favorite for both professional chefs and home cooking alike!


  • This almost 8-inch blade can handle of variety of different food items easily.
  • The handle makes it a very easy blade to maneuver and use for long periods, too.
  • This knife is even dishwasher friendly!
  • A very reasonably priced product, especially from such a high-class manufacturer!


  • Make sure to thoroughly dry the knife after washing, as some customers have reported rust buildup over time.

Mercer Culinary Colors 6-Inch Produce Knife

If we’re talking about knives that you can use that are perfect for tackling vegetables, we have to show at least one produce knife that you can take a look at!

Fortunately, Mercer Culinary has made just the perfect produce knife to showcase what a good produce knife can do.

The unique shape of produce knives like this means that chopping veggies with this knife are both quick, and hassle-free.

This also makes controlling the blade much simpler, and there’s very little chance of slipping with no curved edge to it.

That ease of control is only complemented by the amazing grip that the handle of the blade provides.

There’s no chance of losing control with the polypropylene handle of this knife, that’s for sure!

If you want a kitchen knife that you can use that is dedicated to taking care of vegetables, this is the product for you!


  • Arguably THE perfect design to tackle vegetables with!
  • The grip makes slipping with this blade next to impossible.
  • Easy to clean by hand.
  • A relatively affordable product too!


  • While excellent for vegetables, produce knives like this one do not have the versatility that other types like Chef or Santoku knives have.

Enso 7-Inch Vegetable Cleaver

Time to check out another cleaver knife to add to our collection!

Like with the previous cleaver that we covered, this blade is the perfect tool to use when it comes to combining both weight and sharpness for a cutting tool that will be tough to beat for any other kind of knife, save for another high-quality cleaver!

Blade retention is also pretty important for this product.

Thanks to the Damascus steel layering that this knife is forged with, the sharp edge of this blade is sure to last an incredibly long time, certainly longer than some of the other blades that we have covered here.

And this isn’t mentioning the micarta handle, which resembles a finely carved wooden handle, without the risk of splintering and fracturing like a traditional handle might.

Pair that with a lifetime warranty for this product, and you have a cleaver that is sure to be the envy of every kitchen goer’s dreams!


  • Damascus steel layering combines both strength and durability, while also keeping the blade sharper for longer.
  • Micarta handle has all the pluses of a classy wooden handle, with none of the drawbacks.
  • The cleaver comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • While the blade can retain its sharpness for long periods, sharpening it yourself could be a challenge, especially for newcomers to cleavers.

Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife

Up next, we have another great chef’s knife that tries something a little different when it comes to its design.

Like many of the chef’s knives that we’ve covered, this professional-grade knife by Mac Knife has all the things that you would want from a high-quality product, such as a high-grade stainless steel blade that is reinforced through the handle for better control and durability.

However, keen-eyed observers will note the dimples that run along the entire blade, which allow for tiny air pockets to form when slicing into an item.

This means that pretty much any slice you make will just glide through your food, whether it is a slice of premium meat or large vegetables that you’re preparing.

Plus, the pakkawood handle allows for a great grip for a wooden handle, while the excellent polish and finish prevent you from getting any damage from handling it.

Overall, this is a chef knife that you should consider for your own cooking needs, whether in a professional setting or at home!


  • High-grade steel used is great for both strength and durability.
  • Dimples allow for a smooth cut every time.
  • Pakkawood handle makes for a very comfortable product to hold.


  • Thanks to the pakkawood handle, it is not recommended to wash this product in a dishwasher, if you want to avoid damaging the handle.

Buyer’s Guide

We’ve covered quite a few items here, but there are so many knives for veggies out there, that you may want to continue looking for the right one in your own time.

If that is the case, remember to keep these features in mind when searching in your own time.

Type Of Knife

As this guide has hopefully shown you, there are a massive number of professional types of knives that can be used for chopping vegetables, many with their

Chef’s Knife

Arguably the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to cooking knives, chef knives are always a reliable option for cutting vegetables, with an excellent balance of both size and maneuverability.

Chef knives are also generally used for cutting meats, cheeses, and other food products better than vegetables, however, which they are more suited for.

The fact that chef knives are used for so many different foods also means that they can often dull quickly at least without proper maintenance.

Santoku Knife

Santoku knives are similar to chef knives, only their cutting side is noticeably flatter.

This makes them somewhat better suited for chopping, as you get the entire blade to work with for a clean chop for your veggies.


These knives tend to be notably heavier than many other types, which makes them ideal for cutting through larger vegetables that you are looking to dice, at the cost of perhaps some maneuverability and precision.


Produce knives are almost specifically tailored for cutting up vegetables and fruit produce and are arguably the best for them.

However, this specialized design means that you will also need to buy other knives to use for others foods (although this can help them last longer too).

Paring Knife

These smaller knives are great for slicing smaller veggies, as well as getting a high level of control and precision.

Their small size and weight, however, means that they bend easier.

Blade Size

Blade size will have a massive effect on the product’s weight and maneuverability, with smaller blades being easy to guide and control than larger ones, but do not have the size and cutting power to tackle bigger items.

(Consult our last section on knife types for more information.)


Make sure that your knife of choice is made from high-quality steel,


Make sure that your knife of choice either comes with its own complementary sheathe or box or can be safely attached to a hanging or magnetic rack of some kind.


The price of your chosen knife can often depend on the type of knife that you are purchasing.

Paring knives usually tend to be relatively cheap, while chef, santoku, and produce knives tend to be slightly pricier.

Cleaver knives tend to be the most expensive, thanks to their more intensive forging process.

Many people will be looking for the best value for money when it comes to their kitchen utensils and knives, but make sure that you don’t simply look for a low price tag by itself when choosing your vegetable knife, as these tend to be lower in overall quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Skills Do You Need To Cut Vegetables?

Generally speaking, there are a few main principles that you should practice when cutting veggies with one of these knives:

– Know how to dice your food.
– Learn how to slice your vegetables.
– Make sure that you are holding the knife’s grip properly.
– Make sure you’re using a chopping block to cut on, to help keep the knife sharper for longer!

How Do I Keep My Knife Sharp?

While knives will usually lose their sharpness over time and become dull, you can use either a sharpening block or honing rod to file down the edge and keep them sharp.

Final Notes

So, overall, we’ve given quite a selection of knives to choose from.

Now all you have to do is pick just one of them!

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