Best Springform Pan in 2023

There is nothing better than a freshly prepared cheesecake that you have made in your own kitchen, with your own two hands, and with your own ingredients. Though you may have the best recipe and you may have dedicated hours to whipping up a decadent cheesecake, your dreams of serving up a cake that looks as incredible as it tastes can be squashed when you try to remove it from the pan and it crumbles.

Cheesecakes are particularly delicate confections. Unlike other types of cakes, such as sponge cake, cheesecakes are difficult to make in that they can’t be flipped upside down to remove them from the pans that they are made in. As such, it can be tough to remove the cake from the pan, which could end up destroying that beautiful creation that you have dedicated so much time to perfecting.

The key to making a perfect cheesecake not only lies in the ingredients, but it also lies in the pan that you are using. You want to choose a pan that makes it easy to remove the cake, otherwise you could end up completely destroying it. Traditional pans just won’t do when it comes to making a cheesecake; for this baking task, you need a special type of pan: A springform pan.

Springform pans are different than any other type of baking pan in that they consist of two separate pieces: A bottom and sides that are completely separate from one another. The pan is assembled, the ingredients placed inside, and when it comes time to remove the item the cake, the sides can be removed from bottom by opening a latch. This allows the cake to remain in the form of the pan, avoiding the potential for the cake to be damaged, as it would be if the pan were the cake to be flipped upside down to remove it, as would be the case in a traditional baking pan.

Though springform pans are most commonly associated with cheesecakes, they are useful for a variety of other types of baked goods, including quiches, tarts and any other item that cannot be flipped upside down to remove it from the pan – even pot pies.

If you bake any item that cannot be flipped upside down to remove it from the pan it is prepared in, a springform pan is an absolute must in your kitchen. While buying a springform pan may seem like an easy task, it is actually a bit more challenging than you may realize. Why? – Because there are so many options available. In addition to that, there are certain things that you are going to want to keep in mind – and look out for – in order to find the best springform pan for your needs.

Because we know that buying a springform pan can be a challenging endeavor, and because we want you to find the best option for your needs, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide for you. In this buyer’s guide, we highlight everything you need to know about these specialized pans. We discuss what separates the best springform pans from those that are subpar, the factors that you should consider when shopping for a springform pan, and we even share our picks for the best springform pans that are currently on the market.

After reading this buyer’s guide, you will have all of the information that you need in order to find the best springform pan to help you turn out the best cheesecakes, tarts, quiches and a variety of other baked goods.

What You Need to Know About Springform Pan

While many people are under the impression that all springform pans are the same, in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. There are definite qualities that separate the high quality springform pans from poorer quality pans. In order to purchase the best option that will yield the best results, the first thing you need to be able to do is understand how to differentiate between the high quality pans from the poorer quality pans.


If you want to ensure that your cheesecakes, tarts or any other baked goods that you plan on making in a springform pan are prepared to perfection, you want to make sure that you look for a pan that offers the following qualities…

Little Leakage

The most important quality that a reliable springform pan will offer is little leakage. Because the pan consists of two separate portions – a bottom and sides – and those portions are independent of one another, there are going to be gaps between the bottom and the sides. The highest quality springform pans will have the tightest seal between the two separate portions, thus resulting in little leakage. Obviously, the less leakage, the more of your ingredients will stay in the pan, which will not only make for a better final product, but will also make for less of a mess in your oven. Additionally, a tight seal between the sides and the bottom of a springform pan will prevent water from leaking into the pan if you are preparing an item that has to be baked in a water bath.

Reliable Construction

A high quality springform pan will also be expertly built. These pans have a latch along the side, which connects one side to the other. The latch should work as smoothly as possible to ensure it can easily be opened and closed. The latch should also resist rust. Additionally, the sides of the pan should fit securely to the bottom of the pan, creating a tight connection and a secure pan.

The bottom of the pan should not warp, dent or bend to ensure an even cooking surface. The bottom should also be able to double as a serving platter, since many of the delicate items that you will be preparing in it (cheesecakes and flourless cakes and tortes,) cannot be taken off of the bottom without damaging them.

Withstands High Temperatures

The best springform pans are also able to withstand high temperatures. If the pan is not able to withstand high temperatures, there is an increased chance that it will buckle or bend, which will compromise the durability of the pan, thus improving the chances of leaking and potentially impacting the outcome of the finished product you are baking in it.

Non Stick Surface

The best springform pans also have non stick surfaces along the interior bottom and interior of the sides. With non stick surfaces, the items you prepare in the pan will be much easier to remove. Likewise, the pan will be much easier to clean. Additionally, a non stick pan can help to prevent burning.


Just like there are certain elements that indicate a springform pan is high quality, there are also elements that indicate a springform pan is poorer quality, or elements that the pan does not include. If you want to ensure that the confections and other items you will be preparing in your springform pan come out as good as possible, you want to make sure you avoid purchasing a poorer quality pan.

Here’s a look at some of the elements that indicate a subpar springform pan.

Large Gaps

A poor quality springform pan will have large gaps between the bottom and the sides. The larger the gaps, the more of your ingredients will seep out. This will not only impact the quality of the item that you are preparing, but will also result in a big mess in your oven. Additionally, large gaps between the sides and the bottom of the pan will allow water to seep into any dishes that you are making in a water bath.

No Non Stick Surfaces

Poor quality springform pans do not have non stick surfaces. As we mentioned above, non stick surfaces allow the items you are cooking in your springform pan to be released easier, which prevents the items you have prepared from being damaged. Non stick pans are also easier to clean, as it is easier remove the items that have been cooked on the inside of the pan, and non stick surfaces can also reduce the chances of the item that you are being prepared from burning.

Best Springform Pans in 2023

Lasso Brag

There are so many springform pans on the market, which can make it difficult to determine which pan will best suit your needs. With that said, we have taken the liberty of assessing the springform pan market. We have checked out different options from different manufacturers, compared the different qualities and read through the user reviews. We have also tested out several of the options that are available ourselves.

After conducting our research, we have determined that the following springform pans are the best that are currently available on the market.

The Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan

Nordic Ware Leakproof

Users agree with our assessment of the Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan, confirming that it is one of the best options currently available.

Offering a super tight seal between the bottom and the sides of the pan, you will have confidence knowing that your backed goods won’t spill out of the pan. This not only improves the quality of your baked goods, but prevents a big mess in your oven.

With a non stick coating, your items will be easily released from the pan, ensuring that they retain their form. The non stick coating also helps to prevent burning and makes cleaning a whole lot easier. The latch opens with ease and is resistant to rust, so you can be sure that this springform pan will last you a long time and will continuously perform well. And, though it is dark in color, this springform pan is designed to prevent burning while allowing your items to cook as quickly as possible. With a 10 cup capacity, the Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan offers plenty of space to make your favorite confections and other treats and goodies.

The Hiware 7 Inch Non Stick Springform Pan

Hiware 7 Inch Non Stick Springform Pan

The Hiware Non Stick Springform Pan offers a double layer of non stick coating. This eliminate the need to flour the pan and ensures that your baked goods will not become stuck to the sides, reducing the chances of burning and making cleanup a whole lot easier.

This seven inch pan offers enough room to prepare your favorite cheesecakes, tortes, soufflés, quiches or any other baked good. It is also able to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees F. Thanks to the high quality construction of the buckle, which is resistant to rusting, you will have confidence knowing that the sides can be easily opened and that your finished products will be easily removed.

The Farberware Non Stick 9 Inch Springform Pan

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware

Farbeware is one of the most trusted names in pots and pans, and their Non Stick 9 Inch Springform Pan is a true testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. Constructed of high quality, durable and heavy duty materials, you can be sure that this pan will not warp or bend, thus ensuring that the pan will heat evenly and your products will cook evenly.

The non stick surfaces on both the inside and outside of this springform pan ensure that your items will be released with the utmost ease. The non stick surfaces also make cleanup a whole lot easier and minimize the risk of burning. The pan can also withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees F without compromising its quality.

Another reason why we like the Faberware Non Stick 9 Inch Springform Pan: It has a quality assurance guarantee.

The Elsterware Quick Clean 10 Inch Springform Pan

Elsterware Springform Pan

The Elsterware Quick Clean 10 Inch Springform Pan is expertly crafted to always retain its shape during the baking process. It is constructed of high quality materials that can withstand high temperatures and will not warp or bend. This ensures that you will get the highest quality final product, whether it’s a cheesecake or a flourless tort.

The clasp that connects the sides of this springform pan is resistant to rust, ensuring a smooth operation and allowing you to easily remove it from pan from your baked good, allowing it to retain its shape. Additionally, the bottom and the sides of this pan form a seamless connection, preventing the ingredients from dripping out, thus reducing the chances of making a big mess in the oven – and minimizing the chances of any water seeping in if you should be baking in a water bath.

This pan comes complete with a lid that has a handle on the top for easy transportation, and it also comes in an array of fun colors. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, which makes clean up a lot easier.

The Wilton Perfect Results 3 Piece Springform Set

Wilton Perfect Results 3 Piece

Wilton has long been regarded as the expert in baking products, and this set of springform pans certainly proves how exceptional the company is at making high quality products. When you purchase this option, you won’t get just one springform pan, but you’ll get three: One 8 inch springform pan, one 9 inch springform pan and one 10 inch springform pan. This offers you a lot of versatility, as you will be able to make baked goods in a variety of sizes.

The sides and the bases of each of the three springform pans offered in this package are perfectly aligned, ensuring that the form a tight seal, thus preventing drips and spills, and reducing the chances of having any water get inside if you are using a water bath.

The non stick surfaces of both the sides and the bottom of each of these three pans ensure that your baked goods will be easily released. The non stick surfaces also minimize the chances of burning, and make cleaning the pans a lot easier. Plus, you will love that each of the pans are dishwasher safe, thus allowing for the easiest clean up possible.

Our Consumer Guide Springform Pan

Though we are very confident that the springform pans we have selected are the best of the best, we do know that they may not meet your specific needs. As such, you may be looking for a different product. In order to ensure that you choose the best option, we want to provide you with as much information as possible so that you know everything there is to know about springform pans, and so you can make the best choice for your needs.

With all of that said, we have included this springform pan consumer guide in our buyer’s guide. In this portion of this guide, you will find detailed information regarding a springform pan, which will allow you to make the best choice for your specific needs.

What is a Springform Pan?

The term ‘springform’ may sound a little more technical than it actually is. In reality, there really isn’t anything technical about a springform pan: It’s just a cake pan that has removable sides. In other words, there is a bottom portion of the pan, and sides, like a traditional pan; however, unlike a traditional pan, the sides can be removed from the bottom of a springform pan. The sides are designed in the shape of a ring, and there is a latch or a clip that holds the sides securely in place, ensuring that it will not open during baking. The sides also connect tightly to the bottom, which creates a tight bond between the two separate sections.

Because a springform pan offers the ability to remove the sides of the pan, the integrity of the shape of the item that is baked inside is not compromised. This is vital for items that cannot be flipped over to remove them from the pan, or that can be difficult to remove from a pan, such as a cheesecake or a flourless tort.

Types of Springform Pans

Though all springform pans are the same in that they consists of two pieces – sides and a bottom that are separate from one another – these pans can be differentiated based on the design of their bottoms.

There are three main types of springform pans:

  • Metal Springform Pan – This type of springform pan has a solid bottom; in other words, you cannot see through the bottom and it is made of the same materials as the sides. The main advantage of this is that because the two materials are the same, they form a tighter and more secure fit.
  • The Glass Bottomed Springform Pan – As the name suggests, the bottom of this type of springform pan is made of glass. The main advantage of having a glass bottom is that you can see through the pan to see how the bottom of the item you are preparing is baking. This will allow you to keep better tabs on the item, thus ensuring that it doesn’t get burned during the baking process.
  • The Silicone Springform Pan – Unlike metal, which can be sticky, despite a non stick surface, silicone is truly non stick. You won’t need any butter, grease or flour to prevent the items being baked in the pan from sticking to the sides. However, the downside of this type of pan is that it isn’t as sturdy as metal sides. This means that you won’t have a firm surface to press crumbs or other ingredients up against, which is a common ingredient in many of the items you may be making in a springform pan, such as cheesecakes.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Springform Pan

There are a number of factors that you are going to want to keep in mind when you are shopping for a springform pan. These factors include the size of the pan and the color, among other things. You want to make  sure you keep these factors in mind if you want to purchase the best springform pan that will best suit your specific needs.

The Size of the Springform Pan

One of the most important factors that you are going to want to take into consideration is the size of the springform pan. These pans come in various sizes. The most common size is 9 inches, so that’s a good starting point for the most basic items; however, there are other sizes available, including 7 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches. In order to choose the best size for your needs, consider the size of the item that you will be making in your springform pan.

The Shape of the Springform Pan

Another important factor to consider is the shape of the springform pan. Just like these pans can vary in size, they can also vary in their shape. Round is the most common shape, however, there are also rectangular, square an even oval shaped springform pans. Make sure you know what shape you want your backed good to be so that you can choose a pan in the right shape.

The Locking Mechanism

All springform pans have a locking mechanism along the sides. This will allow the sides of the pan to stay together, thus providing a solid surface for the items you are baking to be pushed up against. The more durable the locking mechanism, the better, as you do not want to end up having the locking mechanism give way, which could result in leaking and compromise the finished product. The best locking mechanisms are made of rust resistant and corrosion resistant metals.

The Color of the Springform Pan

Yet another important factor to keep in mind when you are shopping for a springform pan is the color of the pan. They can either be dark (dark brown or black,) or light (light brown or gray) in color, though there are some options that are even more colorful, such as blue and pink.

The color of the pan can impact cooking. Generally, darker colored pans attract more heat and retain more heat. While this can lead to quicker baking, it can also increase the chances of burning the items you are making in the pan.

Ease of Use

Obviously, the easier a springform pan is to use, the better. The pan should be easy to assemble and open, and it should also be easy to clean. In fact, some of the best springform pans are dishwasher safe. Additionally, the bottom of the pan should be able sturdy so that it can be used as a serving dish.

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