Time to bake: Stuffed Autumn Focaccia


I seem to be in a baking mood lately. Maybe it’s the turning of the seasons, but ever since we’ve come home from holiday, I just can’t get excited about salads, stir-fries or gratins. I’ll have to kerb this habit soon lest I become so doughy that I can’t fit into my winter coat, but […]

A new year and a new challenge: Spotted Dog


Happy New Year! Are you waking up blurry-eyed and blurry-headed, from too much champagne and too little sleep? No? Me neither- Andrew and I stayed in last night, feasting on good food, good TV and a moderate (ok, slightly more than moderate) amount of alcohol. I awoke surprisingly refreshed this morning, ready to greet 2010 […]

Not that kind: Banana Bread


Of all the misnomers in this world, the one that infuriates me the most is banana bread. I love the stuff (could eat my sister’s all day long), but let’s face it- this is a very poorly monikered treat. Nine times out of ten, the “bread” in question is actually a cake; there’s oil or butter, vanilla […]

A Day Under the Weather: Lazy Loaf


First off, let me preface this post by making a number of excuses, of the type that my boyfriend warned me never to engage in when I first started this blog. (Your readers aren’t interested in why you posted late, or not at all- don’t apologise!) See, I felt fine on Sunday night. Just fine- […]

A good thing: Stromboli with Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes


We eat a lot of pizza around here. I’d say it makes an appearance slightly more often than once a week- maybe once every 6 days? My go-to dough recipe is so quick to put together that it’s become a bit of a fallback. Even if there’s nothing more than a ball of mozzarella in the fridge and some […]

Potato Pizza with Rosemary and Brie


Trends in my kitchen come and go. Sometimes I’ll latch onto a particular recipe or ingredient and it will make weekly appearances, and sometimes old favourites will languish unused for months or even years. One thing that remains constant around here is that Friday night is Pizza Night. Well, not every Friday night. If we’re […]

Pizza Friday: Dough

Around here, Friday night is Pizza Night. I don’t remember exactly when this tradition started, but sometime last year, I became obsessed with the idea of learning to make the best pizza. Not just a passable pizza, not a good pizza, but the best pizza. It was probably this post from The Kitchn that put the idea into my head in the first […]

On trend: Feta Fantail Rolls


When I worked (and lived and breathed) in fashion, I was very concerned with trends. Not in a superficial, “I couldn’t possibly wear that skirt, it’s so last season” way, but in a more theoretical one. Where they came from, how they grew, where they were going. Want to know what you’ll be wearing in a few […]

Baking misadventure: Homemade Bagels


File this one under “misadventure“. I’m sure you’ll agree; those are some freaky-looking bagels. I almost didn’t post these at all- I was worried about damaging my reputation as a baker (and, let’s face it, my pride) with these creepy things. I mean, that one on the bottom row looks like it has tumours. It’s not as […]