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My market shop was a quick one this morning since I had to squeeze it in before a brunch date. My sister, who moved away from London last year, was in back in town last night for a birthday party. She didn’t stay the night with us (for some reason, she felt a friend’s spare bed might be more comfortable than our cold, hard living room floor) but join Andrew and me this morning at a favourite local restaurant. So I was lucky enough to kick off my morning with some sisterly affection and some waffles- so far, so good.

I didn’t buy too much at the market, but just enough to keep me inspired this week. The Crown Prince squash will likely go into a soup of some sort, or maybe a tasty curry. The bunch of rosemary is a very simple bean recipe I hope to make (and share) later in the week. I’ve also been craving mashed potatoes lately, so the Jerusalem artichokes will probably end up in a slightly fancier take on the dish. Obviously, I’ve got to serve this on the side of something, so any suggestions are welcome!

What’s happening in your kitchen this week?

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Sparse Veg

Sparse Veg

I’m not sure what the problem was today- was is that the produce at the

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