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Notice I said Christmas day, not Christmas Day; were not that far ahead on this side of the pond! No, this arrangement is so named because the past two days have been Christmas days around here. Meaning that we’ve bought our tree, decorated it, caught a holiday concert and even spent a bit of time wrapping presents. Also, this is likely to be my last veg post of the year; a week tomorrow Andrew and I are off up north for our holidays, so its unlikely that Ill find much need to visit the market next Sunday. Plus, if you squint- that sprout stalk looks a little like a Christmas tree, no?

Anyway, this will likely be my last week of cooking normally before the holidays, and I plan to make the most of it. Not only do I have a special holiday Guest Post to prepare (Ill fill you in on that later) but I want to make sure I get some solid vegetarian meals in before I’m back to eating the meat with my family. Those shallots will likely be caramelized and put into some kind of tart; this recipe, made with puff pastry, looks perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

With all those sprouts, I can make several meals. I’m in charge of the sprout side for Christmas dinner, so Ill likely use this opportunity to practice, and decide on the best method of cooking. I can roastsauté, or shave into a slaw– what would be your pick?

I’ve also got some Christmas baking planned, including some traditional biscuits, and a Kugelhopf which is baking as I type. Not to mention all the last-minute shopping and crafting I’ve got planned.

Where are you with your holiday plans? Any tasty pre-Christmas meals planned for the week ahead?

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