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Cookies for the cold: Red Hot Gingernuts A cooking blog – Kitchenist

Cookies for the cold: Red Hot Gingernuts

Red Hot Gingernuts

Its been cold in the UK this winter. Cold and snowy- two things the Brits are definitely not used to. Up and down the country roads are blocked, schools are closed and trains arent running. People are turning up the heat, bulk-buying at the grocery store and generally indulging in a spot of controlled panic. This Canadian is viewing it all with detached bemusement, but I cant say the Dickensian weather isnt affecting me; its influencing what I cook, after all.

Ive been simmering soups, roasting veg and baking potatoes to see Andrew and me through the cold snap. Strangely, the most warming recipe Ive made in recent weeks isnt a hearty pie or a fiery curry, but rather a cookie.

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