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Foraged Veg

Im so happy to have the veg back. I didnt even make it to the market last week (which is why things have been quiet around here), and I think I was suffering from withdrawal. But no longer; my crisper is full and Im ready to cook again. Read more

A Goodbye and a Guest Post

The week is drawing to a close and tomorrow morning, Im off! Ill be flying home to Canada, attending the wedding of an old friend, then spending 48 blissful hours in New York City. Therell be no more posting for at least a week, until I get back to London and back into my regular routine.

But Im not so cruel as to leave you with nothing while Im gone. Several weeks ago, I was asked to contribute a Guest Curator post to Etsys blog, The Storque. Given how much I adore Etsy, as well as the awesome calibre of food bloggers whove contributed posts before me (Sprouted Kitchen, anyone? Tartelette?) I was thrilled to be asked.

You can check out my Etsy guest curator post here, complete with my favourite finds for the kitchen, and yes- a recipe. Those savoury broccoli cakes make great party food, and are the perfect thing to serve with a cup of warming, Autumnal soup. So why not indulge in something delicious this week, and Ill see you back here soon.

March round-up

The dawn of April brings not only a new month, but a new year of blogging for me. I started writing here toward the end of March 2009, and accidentally missed my one-year blogiversary last week. Ive got some big ideas and plans for the next 12 months of the Kitchenist Network, but until then, heres what went on in March. Read more

February round-up

February was month which brought both good and bad for the Kitchenist Network. Ive been taking a blogging course (dont laugh, its been awesome) which has provided me with ideas and inspiration for my blogs. Ironically, its also been taking my time away from blogging. Throw a new job into the equation, and posting overall has been light. Still, there was some posting going on, so heres what I got up to in February. Read more

January round-up

One down, eleven to go. The first month of the year is over and done, and it certainly brought its share of challenges for me. Im looking forward to happier and more productive months to come, but in the meantime- heres what went down on the Kitchenist Network in January. Read more

Guest Post at The Beat That My Heart Skipped: Vegetable Pot Pie with Dumplings

Vegetable Pot Pie with Dumplings

Psst, you- in need of a recipe to chase away the January blues? Well, you havent exactly come to the right place, but I can direct you there. Ive a second guest post up at The Beat That My Heart Skipped, the fab new UK design and lifestyle blog. This time its a seasonal Veggie Pot Pie with Dumplings on the menu- perfect for warming you up during these dreary days. Id love for you to check it out and leave me a comment over there!

Veg Hiatus

Hello, all! Just a quick note to let you know that Im on a blogging break until the middle of next week, which applies to all my blogs. The passing of my 97-year-old grandmother means that now is a time for family and friends rather than food (though Im sure therell be a lot of that, too). Not to worry, though- I am doing fine and looking forward to getting back in the kitchen next week!

ele x

December round-up

Today brings not only a new month, but a new year! While many of my favourite bloggers are posting 2009 round-ups around now, I think Ill stick with my old monthly post for continuitys sake.

Itll be a short and sweet one, anyway: I didnt get much blogging done in December. The last month of the year brings so much festivity, stress and general hustle and bustle that anything else- blogging, exercise, sanity- can easily fall by the wayside. I did manage to post a little bit over the past four weeks, so lets see what went down on my blogs. Read more

November round-up

December has finally arrived, and brings with it short, dark days, comfort foods, holiday baking and of course- Christmas! But before I delve into all that, lets take some time to look back at the last month. Heres what went on at Kitchenist and beyond in the month of November. Read more

Guest Post: The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Guest Post: Slow-Baked Beans with Maple Syrup

Just dropping in to let you all know about my guest post at The Beat That My Heart Skipped, a new UK design blog by stylist Rohini Wahi. Covering interiors, product design, travel, book reviews and food, this site is a great of source of daily inspiration. I was contacted by Food Editor Louise to contribute to the weekly food feature.

The recipe Ive shared, Slow-Baked Beans with Maple Syrup, is perfect for Autumn: sweet, spicy and soul-warming. Id love for you to head over and check it out- I hope you like it!