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Good Canadian: Pumpkin, Feta and Chive Scones

I take my role as Canadian expat pretty seriously, and Im not half bad at it. Ive resisted the mid-Atlantic accent, retaining at least 90% of my Canuck twang, I can name more than ten NHL players off the top of my head, and at least half of the music on my ipod is Canadian (hey, Im living proof that cancon works). But when it comes to Canadian Thanksgiving, Im a dismal failure. Some of my expat friends throw elaborate dinners on this holiday, complete with roast turkey, pumpkin pie and horn-o-plenty table decorations. Me? I didnt even taste a pumpkin pie until two years ago (oh, what I was missing) and I completely forgot about this past weekends celebration until Sunday afternoon. Read more

All I Have to Offer: Citrus and Almond Breakfast Buns

Citrus and Almond Breakfast Buns

My friends, its been too long. Nearly ten days with no recipes for you, and no farmers market visit for me. Frankly, I dont have a great excuse for my absence. A dash of illness, a sprinkle of work, a smattering of melancholy and a good dose of culinary disinterest affected both my time and inclination to blog. Read more

Vaguely Irish: Buttermilk and Currant Biscones

Buttermilk and Currant Biscones

Let me preface this post by saying that I have nothing whatsoever against Ireland, the Irish people, or anything related to either. I myself am an entire eighth Irish, after all. (Can I get a Guinness with that?) But I just dont understand the widespread appeal of St. Patricks Day. Despite its name, this is really a day about a country, not a fifth century saint. And what other nation is afforded the honour of having its culture celebrated the world over, with festivals and parades and general drunken merriment? To be perfectly honest, it just dont seem fair. Read more

Last One: Pumpkin Spice Scones

Pumpkin Spice Scones

As you might have noticed, Ive been going a little pumpkin-crazy lately. Sure, the little ?0.75 numbers I get from my local farmers market dont seem that big, but just one makes a heck of a lot of pumpkin purée! Ive been using it in so many ways: a pumpkin and goats cheese lasagne from Nigellas Christmas book, in some festive whoopie pies, even as a light-but-creamy pasta sauce with sage, nutmeg and ricotta. Im watching myself closely for signs of becoming round and orange, convinced as I am that Im thisclose to actually turning into a pumpkin. Read more

Baked Britishism: Lemonade Scones

Lemonade Scones

When I first moved to the UK, I went through something of an adjustment period. Understandable for anyone in a new country, but what affected me probably isnt what youd expect. It wasnt the culture, the food, or the people that threw me, it was the language. Read more

An early class and a recipe: Ginger Cream Scones

ginger cream scones

My favourite breakfast treat is undoubtedly the scone. While some might go in for muffins, some for pancakes and some for waffles, to me theres nothing better to eat (or bake) first thing in the morning than a crumbly, tender, buttery scone. Actually, I love scones at any time of the day. Sitting down to an English Cream Tea , a decidedly scone-centric activity, is one of my favourite things to do ever. But breakfast scones and teatime scones, at least in my opinion, are two different animals. Read more

Birthday Sticky Buns

sticky bun on plate

I had fully intended to blog about these sticky buns, which I made for Andrews birthday breakfast on Thursday, yesterday. Circumstances, however, colluded to work against me, and I wasnt able to. See, Andrew and I woke up yesterday in a home improvement frame of mind. Hed taken the end of the week off work, and we had the brilliant idea to ask his parents if theyd mind taking us on a quick trip to Ikea, to pick up a few odds and ends wed been thinking about getting for the flat. Read more

Extra-yummity Breakfast: Apricot and Ginger Muffins

apricot and ginger muffins

No, its not a typo. Yummity is my boyfriends highest form of praise for food, and these muffins I whipped up this morning were pronounced extra yummity by the critic himself. Well then. Read more

Butternut, revisited: Butternut Squash Muffins


In the autumn, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the days get shorter and cooler, most people (the type with varied interests and a healthy grasp on reality) are prone to melancholy. Foodies, however, see this change in a more positive light. A new season means new produce to buy, new recipes to try, new realms of gastronomic pleasure to explore. Summers remaining wares might start to look a little stringy and tired, but right around the corner is the most delicious season of all: harvest. Read more