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What the (house) doctor ordered: Sweet Potato Sformato

Lately, Ive been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my flat. If its not my teeny tiny closet, its our teeny tiny bookcase. If its not the teeny tiny bookcase (which is actually a good size; it just suffers from a plague of books), its my teeny tiny kitchen cupboards. While Im normally pretty good about editing my life on a regular basis, sometimes it just all adds up, in what I can only assume is a concerted effort to drive me absolutely batty. Read more

A Vegetarians Christmas in Wales: Luxury Cauliflower Cheese

Hello, friends- how are the dwindling days of 2010 treating you? Myself theyre treating fine, though not exactly as planned. Perhaps you heard of the snow that blanketed Britain pre-Christmas, sending airports and train stations into disarray and scuppering the holiday plans of many? Well, I was among that many. My parents, due to fly into London for a family Christmas, Landmark-style, were forced to abandon their travel plans and remain in Canada instead. Read more

A brief aside: Roast Broccoli with Lemon and Cheese

Roast Broccoli with Lemon and Cheese

If youve been reading my blog for any length of time, youll know that Im a fan of the one-dish meal. Fussing about with multiple pots and pans is just not for me, and nor is doing multiple sets of dishes afterward. The way I see it, if something needs a side dish to complete it, how good can it be? Read more

(An Affront to) Good Taste: Long-Cooked Broccoli with Buttermilk

Long-Cooked Broccoli with Buttermilk

As with anything, trends in the food world come and go. Some are short-lived (cake pops, anyone?), some a little more tenacious (sigh- cupcakes) and some become broader movements that are difficult to define until were past them. So, what movement are we in now? I dont profess to be an expert at this stuff, but I believe were currently in an age of under-cooking. Read more

Crumbs on crack: Roast Veg with Nutty, Spicy Pangrattato

 Roast Veg with Nutty, Spicy Pangrattato

Lets face it: there are not that many ways to make a veggie side interesting. One of the reasons I tend to be a one-dish-meal kind of girl (you know, besides being lazy) is the tricky matter of making a great side dish. Not only does it have to be interesting on its own, but it must also complement whatever the main dish is: a tall order for some humble veggies, no? Read more

My festive side: Maple Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Shallots

Maple Roasted Parsnips, Carrots and Shallots

Can you believe that Christmas is a mere 15 days away? Ill admit- despite the passing of time and my best efforts, Im not feeling all that Christmassy this year. For the first time in my 26 years, Ill be spending Christmas away from my family, traveling instead to the English coast to be with my boyfriends. Though Im looking forward to experiencing Andrews traditions, it does feel a bit anticlimactic to be spending the holiday season in England. Read more

By the wayside no more: Soy Braised Carrots

soy braised carrots

Im gonna come right out and say it: carrots are pretty boring, yes? I mean, I like them and all, and I get that a lot of you probably do, too. Understandable, because theres a lot about carrots to like: theyre pretty, theyre sweet, and if you believe universal parent-imparted wisdom, theyll make you see in the dark. Read more

Wildcard Wednesday: Jerusalem Artichokes

jchoke pan

I know, I know, its not Wednesday. But Wildcard Thursday doesnt really have the same ring to it, and besides, I made this on Wednesday. Er, actually, come to think of it, I made this on Tuesday, intending to blog about it on Wednesday Well, never mind. The consuming of and blogging about the meal in question bookended a Wednesday, so it still kind of works. Read more