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Private piazzas and unknown alleys: Dinner on the Amalfi Coast

As anyone knows, when youre on holiday dinner is truly the main event. The meal you fantasize about in the weeks leading up to your trip, budget carefully for and research excessively. After a hotel breakfast and on-the-hoof lunch, this is when youll crack open a bottle of wine, help yourself to the bread basket, order a starter (or two), and decide on the most delicious, most indulgent thing on the menu. After all, whether youre exploring your temporary home at length or just lounging by the pool, holidays have a way of stoking the appetite. Read more

New places, new friends, new tastes: Lunch on the Amalfi Coast

When on holiday, I tend not to place too much emphasis on lunch. After stuffing myself at breakfast and looking forward to an indulgent dinner, Im more than likely to keep this meal simple. A slice of takeaway pizza or a slice of focaccia by the beach is all I really need. There are always exceptions, but the important thing is that the middle of the day, when on holiday, is for exploring. Read more

Sfogliatelle and Little Glass Pots: Breakfast on the Amalfi Coast

This is the view to which we awoke every morning last week in Italy: crystal-clear sky, cerulean sea, sun streaming through the windows. If Im very quiet, I can recall the sounds of crickets, a soft breeze and the distant shrieks of children already on the beach. While it was heavenly to relax and enjoy the early sights and sounds of Amalfi, Andrew and I never lingered too long in our room of a morning. We had breakfast to attend to. Read more

Just a Little Longer: Travels on the Amalfi Coast

Ciao, Internet!

I hope youll forgive my absence- Ive just returned from six sun-drenched days and five peaceful nights spent on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Well, just is a little dishonest. I returned on Saturday, but am easing myself back into regular life slowly. A part of me still feels far away; I can no longer smell the ocean or feel the sun on the back of my neck, but my tanned limbs and indolent mood remain. While I couldnt remain in Italy forever, at least I can close my eyes and let my memories transport me back there. Read more