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DIY veg

DIY veg

Unlike last week, I made it to the market in good time today. I had to wake up early for a DIY project Ive been working on, and wanted to make sure I had time to food shop, too. Luckily my market trip was quick and pain-free, unlike my project.

I buy a lot of broccoli; its probably my favourite vegetable. Im looking forward to trying this Double Broccoli Quinoa from 101 Cookbooks this week. I love quinoa and am trying to convince Andrew of its charms, so well see how it goes.

Now that Septembers arrived in force, the days are getting a bit chillier. When that happens, I crave soup; I bought these carrots to make my favourite Red Lentil and Carrot version.

Isnt that kohlrabi crazy looking? Ive never had one before, but bought this one simply because it made me laugh- it looks like an alien! How does one eat this alien veg, I wonder? My first instinct is some kind of vegetable soup or stew, but Im open to suggestions.

Im also in a serious baking mood today. I havent made anything sweet in what feels like years (only a couple weeks, in reality), so I bought these blueberries with some baked goodies in mind. Smitten Kitchens Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake is the frontrunner, but Ill keep you posted.

What are you eating this week?


  1. Dana says:

    Broccoli is my favorite vegetable too! I could eat it every night. I got an incredible bounty from my CSA this week so I am looking forward to making things with all my loot!

  2. Ele says:

    Dana, your CSA sounds so great! Ive never understood why some people dont care for broccoli, Ive loved it ever since I was a kid. Its so pretty, too- like delicious little green trees!

  3. so happy to have found your blog its beautiful! and your CSA looks just wonderful cant beat it.

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