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farmers market

farmers market


Late Summer Veg

Hmmm. Corn, blueberries, dark-skinned cucumber… wait, did I miss summer? Last time I posted a veg haul ’round these parts, it was the early-summer stuff of fresh greens, baby carrots, and peas. A whole three months ago. As you can probably guess, it’s been a busy couple months for me. Not only did my final term…

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May Day Veg

Yes, May Day has come and gone, but hey- these veg were bought then, so why not? A lot of what you see above is actually cooked and eaten by now (Thursday already! How did that happen?!). I guess May has been a busy month so far, what with my parent's visit and other commitments.…

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Sparse Veg

I'm not sure what the problem was today- was is that the produce at the farmers market was sparse, or was it my enthusiasm for shopping? Probably a bit of both. In any case, I dragged myself out of the house around noon today and was back home (with a decidedly light shopping bag) a…

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Cake Veg and Muffins

You might think from the title of this post that I've been thinking a lot about sweets lately. You'd be right. Maybe its the stress of my end-of-term project deadline or just the is-it-or-isn't-it-Spring-yet weather we've been having lately, but regular food hasn't really been exciting me these days. Sweets are much more interesting, and…

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Mondays Veg

I'm already a day late with this post, and I'm afraid it'll be a quick one. Yesterday I was so busy with errands, homework, and baking that I just plain forgot about writing here, and now- well, I have to catch the train to school in half an hour. I was up early yesterday though,…

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Christmas day Veg

Notice I said Christmas day, not Christmas Day; were not that far ahead on this side of the pond! No, this arrangement is so named because the past two days have been Christmas days around here. Meaning that we've bought our tree, decorated it, caught a holiday concert and even spent a bit of time…

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New Term Veg

It's not only a new term for me at school (starting tomorrow) but a new season in London. Honestly, the past couple days have convinced me that we've skipped right over Spring and gone straight into Summer. Of course, as my Mum said to me earlier today, it might be back to Spring or even…

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2011 Veg

Hello, new year! And hello friends- how have you all been? My winter holidays went a little longer than planned, due to a post-New Years trip home to Canada. After some snow-induced changes to my Christmas, I was craving a little family time, so took the past week off in favour of homemade meals, nights…

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mothers day veg

Mothers Day Veg

Honestly? I only just remembered that today was Mothers Day. No, I haven't called my Mum yet, and yes, Ill call her soon. Probably. My family doesn't take these Hallmark Holidays very seriously, and anyway, Ill be seeing her in person tomorrow. My parents are in town for the next few days, wrapping up their…

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