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Few Hurried Veg

Few Hurried Veg

Im afraid I spent neither much time nor much money on my market trip yesterday. Some old friends were in London, kicking off a belated honeymoon across Europe, and we were in a hurry to meet them in town, show them our city and enjoy the sunshine together. As such, my weekly trip to the market was more of a mad dash from stall to stall, in an effort to spend the few pounds I could find in my purse (no time to wait in line at the cash machine, you see) on some food for the week ahead.

Despite my rush, I was thrilled to see the first seasons peas available. I love fresh peas, whether in tarts, pastas, dumplings or salads. No plans for these ones yet, but I cant wait to sit down with a big bowl (perhaps in front of some bad TV) for some relaxing podding time.

For that broccoli, Im thinking something fresh and summery. My recent experiment with slaw having gone so well, Im ready to branch out. This broccoli slaw from Smitten Kitchen looks great (minus the mayo, of course).

The rest of the veg will be for salads, pastas and stir-fries as needed. Those eggs? Why something delicious and sweet from the oven, of course. Stay tuned to find out what- Im thinking an old-fashioned cake of some sort.

What are you making this week?


  1. Michelle says:

    Ele, Ive only recently checked out your blog in detail, and you totally blow my mind! I wish I could sample your talents first-hand! Your bold experimentation and fabulous recipes keep my own culinary aspirations in perspective and remind me that no matter how well I cook now, I have yawning knowledge troughs to fill in before Im anywhere near your level! Colour me a regular reader from now on, and dont be surprised if I plug you on my own blog (Im planning a cooking post this week). 🙂

  2. These ingredients look impossibly fresh! That loaf of bread is definitely catching my eye. 😀

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