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First Spring Veg

First Spring Veg

Apparently, yesterday was the official start of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Based on the weather in London today, I can believe it. The sun was shining brightly and the streets of my village were crowded with shoppers on their way from the farmers market, enjoying food, drink and company. Unfortunately yours truly was working, and instead of going to the market was was serving the aforementioned food and drink in the company of my colleagues.

Luckily, my boyfriend headed to the market in my stead and came home with the veg assortment you see here. Since weve got some produce left over from the past week, I told him to go easy today: a few brassica, some onions and bread is all we need.

Isnt that cabbage just the most beautiful one youve ever seen? I think Ive figured out why I love the look of cabbages so much- they remind me of the peonies that grow in my Mums garden. Obviously theyre not quite as pretty, but I think this one comes pretty close. I dont want to mess with it too much- some simple braising or a salad is all Ill attempt.

The broccoli is a big one, so itll go for two meals at least. Im partial to my own Broccoli Pesto Pur