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Thanksgiving Veg

Its just a regular Sunday around here, but in Canada its Thanksgiving weekend. I dont really have any plans for the occasion, other than a visit to the farmers market (check), catching up on Ugly Betty episodes online (check), and doing laundry (working on it). Still, I am thankful for all of those things, except perhaps the laundry. Read more

Two Colour Veg

So much for the health diktat of eating produce in a wide variety of colours; today, it seems I was in a red-and-green mood. Its still a couple months early for Christmas themed posts (and thank God for that), but I thought this two-colour arrangement was quite cute, anyway. Read more

Birthday Veg

For once, I have an iron-clad excuse for the tardiness of this post. Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and after buying this lot at the farmers market, I thought Id rather go out for lunch, catch a design exhibition in London and generally relax than deal with photo editing and writing. Sorry. Read more

Leafy, Flaky Veg

Lets be clear: the veg is leafy, the croissants are flaky. No, they might not be the healthiest breakfast in the world, but sometimes you just cant resist their buttery goodness. Or maybe I was just too lazy to make breakfast yesterday. Read more

Organizer Veg

Well, Im through the holiday withdrawal and have pretty much re-adapted to my daily life. Back at the freelance photography, setting up work for the next month, and even planning for the next holiday. Food and blogging hasnt escaped my organizing mood either, so I headed to the market today with big plans for the week ahead. Read more

Make it Count Veg

I was determined to make todays trip to the market count, since Ill be missing next Sunday because of my holiday (can I get a WOO HOO! please?). So no rushing, and no scrimping today. But neither was I going to go crazy- leaving behind a fridge full of unused veg when you go away is hardly a good thing. So this morning I spent a bit of time meal-planning, then headed off to the market to see what I could come up with. Read more

Summer Veg, Summer Flowers

Yesterdays trip to the farmers market was quick and early. Andrew and I were headed into town for some holiday-related shopping (new Ray-Bans for him, nothing for me save a longing for a pair of Cathy Clubmasters in coral), so my flowers and veg were bought swiftly and efficiently. Read more

Free and Clear Veg

I had meant to post more than just one recipe this week, but Ive been plagued by computer troubles over the last several days. A problem with our landline left Andrew and me without phone or broadband for several days. Though eventually resolved, it then appeared that my sites had been affected by the recent Media Temple/Wordpress malware issue, which involved an evening of updates, code scanning and virus checking on our part. Read more

No Italian Veg

No Italian Veg

Well, I suppose since a) I shop at a farmers market, and b) that market is in London, my vegetables are never really Italian, anyway. But theres a reason for that statement, and its not as rude as it sounds, honest. See, Andrew and I have just booked our summer holiday for this year, and while escaping to the