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February round-up

February was month which brought both good and bad for the Kitchenist Network. Ive been taking a blogging course (dont laugh, its been awesome) which has provided me with ideas and inspiration for my blogs. Ironically, its also been taking my time away from blogging. Throw a new job into the equation, and posting overall has been light. Still, there was some posting going on, so heres what I got up to in February. Read more

Shop Bought Veg

Shop Bought Veg

I didnt make it to the market yesterday, but luckily Im not veg-less today. My village has a fantastic farm shop that, while I dont exactly frequent, I definitely make use of when in a pinch. Though I have to be careful about some origins (those oranges along the wall, for instance- Im not sure theyre exactly local), the produce is fresh and plentiful and delicious. Read more