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Pyramid Veg

Pyramid Veg

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with pyramids, but I sort of arranged the veg like that, no? Anyway, Im having a great day so far. A brisk morning run followed by a trip to the farmers market made up my morning, and since then Ive been puttering around the house cooking, listening to music, DIY-ing and planning. Planning because Im off on holiday on Friday, and have a busy week ahead of me.

Which Ill need sustenance for, of course! Its bright and sunny here today, and the shoppers and stall-holders were out at the market in equal force. (Theyre already selling Christmas puddings– can you believe it?!) I didnt want too go too crazy this week and have to throw out food at the end of it, but I do want to make sure that we eat well.

As you can see, Im still on the corn bandwagon- and I plan to ride it until theres nary a husk left at the market! Its become Andrews favourite dinner lately, something hell roast up himself while I experiment with new recipes and foods.

The swede and butternut squash, along with some potatoes from the cupboard, are for just such an experiment. I havent quite worked out the recipe yet, but its inspired by a vegetable curry in my new Nigel Slater book. Im loving cooking from this book already, and hope to review it on Kitchlit before the end of the week.

The savoy cabbage and romanescu arent earmarked for anything yet, but Im not worried. I might even get around to making Orangettes Savoy Cabbage Gratin, which has been on my mental to-make list since she posted it a year ago. With the cauliflower, I could make a soup and freeze it- that way well have something to eat the day we get home.

Thats enough about me- what about you? Got anything yummy cooking this week?


  1. Maggie says:

    I picked up some Turks Turban Squash at the farm stand. Im hoping they can decorate my home for a few weeks before I have to tear em up and load them into my soup pot. Theyre so pretty like your pile of veggies. 🙂

  2. Ele says:

    Maggie- I had to Google Turks Turban because I wasnt sure what you were talking about 😉 We have those here, but I guess Id never bothered to find out what they were called before. Thems some crazy-looking squashes- perfect for decorating with!

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