In the Light of Day: Chopped Tusanesque Salad


Silly me. I thought the hardest thing about writing a blog while working a full-time job would be finding the time to post, but I was wrong. My biggest issue over the past couple weeks has been somewhat different its the light, or lack thereof. Barely mid-September and London has already decided to provide me […]

On bad luck and good lunches: Quinoa Squash Salad


The moral of today’s story is: always check your email as soon as you receive it. While this probably isn’t particularly helpful advice in the case of say, bills or junk mail (because who wants to open those in a hurry?), I certainly wish that I’d followed it last week. Our story begins with me, […]

Snackable: Pad Thai Noodle Salad


I first had Pad Thai on a snowy day in New York City about seven years ago. Andrew and I were visiting my cousins Jeff and Natasha (they of the fab Brooklyn shops UVA Wines and Whisk– I come from good foodie stock, don’t yah know) for a bit of pre-Christmas shopping and sightseeing. One evening, they took us for […]

Favourite Colours: Purple & Green Couscous Salad


“What’s your favourite colour?” is one of those questions which, along with classics like “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, adults don’t get asked much. Which is a shame, because I’m pretty sure that most adults would have a more interesting answer than your average six-year-old. While once upon a time […]

Guts and guile: Brussels Sprout Slaw


If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this a few hours ago. And if you did, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d finally lost the plot. It’s rare that I make something that day and immediately want to blog about it, but this is fresh off the presses: people, sprout slaw is awesome. I’ve been thinking […]

The gift that keeps giving: My Favourite Rice Salad


One of my Mum’s quirkiest habits is her tendency to want to provide for my sister and me, usually just before we’re about to part ways. Let’s be clear: when I say provide, I mean give us stuff, usually random things that we neither want nor ask for. Let’s say I’ve been home for a few days and […]

In the meantime: Toasted Cous Cous with Roast Veg


To kick off my Italian-free month of eating, I wanted to share a dish that’s become a favourite of mine in recent months. I’ve promised this one before and not delivered, so I thought it was high time that I shared the love. This simple salad of Israeli cous cous (sometimes called “toasted” cous cous) and roast […]

Trendy and tasty: Peach Salad with Pecans and Cheddar


One of the things I love about travelling is noticing all the local trends in the places I visit. The world can feel so small and homogenous these days, that I take delight in noticing these regional differences. At the wedding I attended in Canada earlier this month, my sharp-shouldered blazer caused much mirth among my friends; […]

Making the most: Grain, Fennel and Radish Salad with Butter-Lemon Dressing


After weeks of glorious weather, London has reverted to the overcast skies and cool temperatures it likes best. I’m glad that I made the most of the warmer weather while it was here, with much window-opening, skirt-wearing and salad-making. I’m also hoping that it will get a bit warmer in time for the weekend, as […]

Back-to-back: Simple Panzanella


You’d be forgiven, lately, for thinking that I’m on an extended holiday. But here in the UK, we kind of all are. Easter plus a certain upcoming wedding means back-to-back four-day weekends and an understandable amount of laziness in between. But for myself, the laziness is at a minimum; heading up to Andrew’s parents’ last weekend and […]