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Short on Time But Not Short on Veg A cooking blog – Kitchenist

Short on Time But Not Short on Veg

Short on Time Veg

I didnt get this posted yesterday, as I was a bit short on time over the weekend. Clearly not a short on produce, though, because I bought the lovely bunch of veg above for meals this week.

That one massive potato was dinner last night- Andrew and I shared a baked potato with all the fixins. For such a simple, everyday type of meal, it was a completely novelty to me- can you believe Ive never had one before?! The little cottage tin loaf has been making wonderful toast already, too.

The jersusalem artichokes, swede and carrots will go toward that Root Vegetable Korma that I talked about making last week. By Nigel Slater (so its sure to be good), it sounds perfect for the chilly weather weve been having in London, and Im finally getting around to making it tonight.

The romanescu is a compromise of sorts- I couldnt decide whether I wanted to make broccoli soup or cauliflower soup, and this seemed like the best of both worlds. Im not sure exactly what recipe Ill be making, but

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