Valentine Veg

Friends, I am so on top of things today. I was out of bed at 7, doing homework by 8, cooking by 9 at the market at 10:15 sharp. I almost don’t want to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a very productive week.

Tomorrow night Ill be cooking a Valentines Day dinner for Andrew and me, but because Ill be in class all day, I’m getting a lot of it done today. The main course will be Danas Red, White, and Green Lasagne, which is a great choice for a make-ahead meal. The recipe calls for broccoli, but because the regular variety isn’t in season yet, I’m using the purple sprouting you see above. The small bunch of leaves at the top of the photo is an organic salad mix, which will accompany the lasagne perfectly. For dessert is Nigellas Instant Chocolate Mousse, which I can whip up in mere minutes before we sit down for dinner.

I’m also starting a new part-time job this week, as an assistant at a small interior design company. I’ve been wanting to move my freelance work toward the interiors path for quite some time, so I’m really excited about this. Ill mean getting back into the bringing-lunch-to-work zone, so Ill have to think ahead. Ill probably rely on my classic lunchtime formula quite a bit, but hopefully, I can expand my repertoire, too. Also on the agenda this week is this Braised Cauliflower recipe from The KitchnGooey Cocoa Brownies from Honey & Jam, and a red beans-and-rice style curry.


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! What are you cooking up to celebrate this week?

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