Scattered Veg

Ha! I bet you thought it was going to be another veg-less week around here, didn’t you? No such luck I’m afraid; I’m busy but still here. What with a full day of work on Monday, followed by an incredible evening at the Royal Albert Hall (seeing this show, which was amazing), and a busy day of school and errands yesterday, I just haven’t had a moment to post my Sunday haul yet. I suppose you could say that my mind, as well as my produce, is scattered.

Of course, that means that some of the above are already gone. The potatoes were baked for Sundays dinner, and the broccoli went into a hearty mac-and-cheese last night (Mondays dinner: Burger King fries at the train station, while waiting to head home). The parsnips will make a tasty soup, perhaps from this recipe, or maybe Ill just wing it.

On the Brussels sprouts, I can’t decide. Do I roast them up all crispy, with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of parmesan? Or do I have them and toss the green shreds with pasta, cream, and crunchy nuts? I’ll let you know, and post the recipe later this week.

Also up this week, a riff on this gnocchi dish from Sparkling Ink. I bought some Italian gnocchi at the grocery store the other day (I can’t always make my own), and I’m looking forward to baking them up for a dinner soon. Also, some kind of festive cookie to ring in the holiday season. Any ideas for me?

To my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving! What’s on your menu this week?

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