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Belated Sunday Veggies

veggies and puddings

I’m a little late on the market post this week, but I’m forgiving myself. A friend is coming to stay for a few nights this week, and my parents are arriving on Monday, so spring cleaning, long-overdue picture hanging and general errand running take precedence right now. Plus, next week there won’t be a post at all- the London Marathon starts in Blackheath, and the station car park will instead be used for parking cars. Preposterous.

Those potatoes and parsnips have already been used, in a mildly successful gratin on Sunday night. Mildly successful in that it tasted nice, but didn’t have the creamy delicious sauce that my sister’s does. I think the culprit might have been the skimmed milk, or perhaps the cheese, which I layered (very attractively, might I add) with the vegetables instead of melting it into the béchamel. 

The leeks and spring onions I have no concrete plans for- most likely a pasta dish of some sort. I’ll be caramelizing the onions and adding fresh parsley, chili flakes and parmesan as an interesting addition to Spaghetti All’Ubriaco

The plastic tubs you see are from The Pudding Emporium. This London foodie institution started selling at my local market a few weeks ago, and I’ve had my eye on their steamed pudds and homemade custards ever since. (As a side note, I’ve always liked my custard cold, especially when over a warm dessert like a steamed or bread pudding. When I first told this to Andrew, he recoiled in horror, likening cold custard to “punishment food”. Tell that to the orphans.)

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