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Damn you, jet lag. Your mysterious hold over me made me miss out on lots of market goodies this morning. I’ll forgive you, but only if you promise to let me get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

Ever since Andrew and I returned from New York on Wednesday morning, our cycles have been way out of whack. While I suspect that this cannot be blamed entirely on our jet lag (we didn’t really need to stay up until 1:30 the past two nights, sipping Southern Comfort and coke and doing not much of anything, after all), I was in no mood to shoulder the blame when I awoke this morning at 11 am. I’d already missed an entire hour of the farmer’s market! 

By the time I’d showered, dressed, heated up a chocolate brioche from yesterday’s breakfast and had a cup of tea, it was already after noon. The hot, sunny Sunday weather didn’t help matters once I made it to the market, either. The place was jam-packed, and many bins, which I’m sure would have been brimming with produce had I showed up at a more appropriate time, were depressingly bare. I was especially disappointed to see that one of the stalls had had broad beans (first of the season!), but was sold out.

I did manage to score a few finds, though. Some eggs, onions and garlic as per usual, but some more interesting stuff as well. On seeing the tiny globe artichokes at my usual veg stall, I was struck by nostalgia (my Mum used to make the best artichokes, eaten on the back deck with loads of lemon butter for dipping) and picked up six for a meal this week.

I can never resist asparagus while it’s in season. Even if I’m not craving it, thinking about the remorse I might feel in a month or so when it isn’t an option anymore usually makes me cave and buy some. I’ll use this bunch for some recipe-testing. There’s a book review coming up on Kitchlit that I’m particularly excited about. 

As for that little gem lettuce, I won’t be wasting it on a boring green salad. Instead, I’ll grill it with a little lemon juice and olive oil as a complement to something more hearty. Super fast and simple to make, it’s one of my favourite summer sides. 

Before I headed home, I decided to treat us to a bottle of Chegworth Valley‘s famous apple juice. Deliciously cloudy, and neither too sweet nor too tart, it’s the perfect thing to sip on a summer evening. And probably better for us, in the long run, than the Southern Comfort.

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