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Lots o’ Leaves Veg

Lots o' Leaves Veg

After missing my farmer’s market trip for the past two weeks, I was itching to get going yesterday morning. Either the market has become exponentially more popular over the past two weeks, or I’m not used to shopping there so early, but it was packed. I had to queue at nearly every stall, but with the sun shining and produce to buy, I have to say that it didn’t bother me much.

Clearly, I was in the mood for leafy greens. I had to trim that cabbage way back before it would fit in my fridge, but there’s still enough for a meal or two. I’m thinking pan-fried with sauce and noodles for a vegetarian take on Mark Bittman’s Yakisoba.

The kale will be dinner tonight; I’m finally getting around to making my Red Onion, Kale and Cheese Strata again. I might tinker a bit with the recipe, but the idea remains the same: bread+vegetables+eggs+cheese=heaven.

Isn’t that purple sprouting broccoli beautiful? PBS (as it’s labeled in the markets) is one of my favourite British veg discoveries. It pairs wonderfully with melting cheese, such as in a gorgeous seasonal salad or an indulgent pasta dish.

The daffs are just here, as ever, to brighten up my flat; see here for how I’ve been arranging them.

How’s your week looking? Tasting?


  1. Hilary says:

    The Mark Bittman yakisoba is really good. I made it last week.

  2. Nicole says:

    Your greens look spectacular! I’m sure you’ll make some very delicious meals. Just noticed your other blogs and look forward to checking them out.