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No Italian Veg

No Italian Veg

Well, I suppose since a) I shop at a farmer’s market, and b) that market is in London, my vegetables are never really Italian, anyway. But there’s a reason for that statement, and it’s not as rude as it sounds, honest. See, Andrew and I have just booked our summer holiday for this year, and while escaping to the Amalfi coast sounds like heaven, being bored of pasta, pizza and seafood by the second night there doesn’t. While I’m not convinced I could ever get tired of Italian food, I’m still going to make a concerted effort to focus on Asian, English and other non-Mediterranean cuisines until then.

So, how did this affect my shopping this morning? Well, it didn’t really. Though I’m not planning any Italian feasts with the above veg, I can’t say I have any other grand plans for them, either. I’ll do a roasted vegetable salad with the carrots, fennel and red onion. This is one of my favourite recipes lately, so stay tuned. The savoy cabbage will likely end up in a stir-fry or slaw, depending on my mood.

Those strawberries are half-used already. I’d been meaning to try Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Grilled Strawberries with Pimm’s for a good year already, but it took Tara at Seven Spoons to convince me. It was dessert tonight, and I’m still licking my lips.

Other items on my non-Italian radar this week? Ottolenghi’s Mee Goreng has caught my eye, as has this Farro and Herbs recipe from 101 Cookbooks. Oh, and if I wasn’t looking ahead to sporting my swimsuit on the beach, I’d be making this Root Beer Chocolate Bundt Cake right now.

What’s on your food radar this week?


  1. Which farmers’ markets do you use? I’ve had some luck with the Sunday number off Broadway Market:

    Expensive! snort my friends.
    Two heads of broccoli for 60p! retorts Cereal Killah…

    Full of characters too:

    Totally agree on Italian food btw:

    Going vegetarian is so much easier when you’re coating your pasta in an ersatz sauce; not dumping some spuds and boiled peas on a plate, then wondering where the meat went.

  2. [...] I really should be sharing more of with you. I picked it up the other day to assist with my recent Italian-food embargo, thinking that authentic Indian dishes were just the distraction I needed. The recipe I opted to [...]