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Pink and Green Veg

Pink and Green Veg

I’ve never been much of a pink girl, but combined with my favourite colour, shades of pink and purple just sing, don’t they? Luckily, veg are more than just pretty: these ones are set to make my week ahead delicious, too.

Last Sunday Andrew and I had Sunday lunch at a vegan restaurant, and our first taste of that much-maligned veggie “feast”, the nut roast, left us speechless. Who knew that this dubious mixture of mushrooms, ground nuts and brown rice could actually be good? Today I’m tackling the hippy classic myself, and what you see here are the trimmings: red onions for some vegetarian gravy, parsnips for a roast side, and broccoli for the obligatory touch of green.

The lone beet will be lunch one day this week; this post from The Kitchn has me loving the idea of the single-veg meal. The jerusalem artichokes will likely become soup, perfect for dinner with a green salad and a chunk of homemade bread.

Lastly, the pink flowers are just for fun, to brighten up my kitchen table or a corner in the living room. What’s brightening your days this week? Any cooking plans you’d like to share?

Flowers and Cards


  1. I like the combination of the different greens and pinks. Us girls are suppose to like pink! My daughter had a period when all she would wear was pink! See you on BYW. Ingridx

  2. MH says:

    This is practically an inspiration-wall color palette! I’m a sucker for bright pink carnations, though. It’s all so lovely.

  3. El says:

    Glad the veggie feast went well. Beautiful photo.

  4. Kristen says:

    ha. I tried nut roast just last week. I am not a vegetarian, but eat lilke one 90% of the time, but avoided this like the plague, but oncei tried it I loved it!!! I’ve yet to make it myself, but just looking at that top picture makes me want to. :-)