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market haul two

Well, it’s still sunny here in London, but the warm weather has gone into hiding. It was cold and windy at the farmer’s market this morning, but it’ll take more than that to keep me away. Above, my spoils of the day: veggies, organic eggs, fresh cream, even some baked goods.

So, what are they for? The cauliflower and potatoes will probably end up in a curry of some sort (maybe more than one), and the leeks will go into a “healthy” macaroni and cheese. The brussels sprouts will make a quick lunch one day this week (I am partial to this recipe from 101 Cookbooks), and I’ll be making The Rainbow Room’s Carrot and Peanut Salad with the carrots. Onions, garlic and eggs are stock ingredients in our house; they’ll go into anything that needs them. 

The cream and Flour Power City Bakery croissants are a special treat, as we normally stick to produce at the market. They’re for Caramel Croissant Pudding, a Nigella Lawson recipe that Andrew adores and we’ve decided to make tonight. 

Photos and recipes to follow!

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