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Today’s trip to the farmer’s market was the most bizarre I’ve had yet, let me tell you. Instead of doing my shopping in usual solitude, I was followed around by two women I’d only just met, one of whom held a microphone in front my face while the other narrated my actions.

Let me explain. This morning I was interviewed by Sheila Dillon of BBC Radio 4‘s The Food Programme. Shelia and her producer Sukey picked me up at my part time job and recorded an interview with me there, before accompanying me to the market while I did my shopping. How did this happen? A few weeks ago, The Food Programme did a show on food photography, ending with a request for readers to send in their own photos. With a little encouragement (okay, a mandate) from Andrew, I complied. Several emails later and voilà! I’m a radio star.

Well, not quite. If I’m honest, it was terribly nerve-wracking; it’s amazing how difficult a simple thing like talking can become when you’re being recorded. But for better or for worse, you’ll be able to hear me on BBC 4 sometime next month; I’ll keep you posted on the details.

Focusing as I was on creating coherent sentences, I admit that I had little attention to spare for my actual shopping this week. I bought some bread for toast and sandwiches throughout the week, a lettuce for some fresh summer salads, and some eggs for baking.

I also picked up a green cabbage; my recent experiment with slaw has whet my appetite somewhat, so I’m thinking of branching out a little. Smitten Kitchen‘s Cabbage and Lime Salad with Roasted Peanuts looks great. If I opt for something hot, I might try a variation on my favourite spicy cabbage dish.  I wonder how it would be with some tofu or prawns added, tossed with noodles?

The potatoes and tomatoes (so pretty on the vine!) do have a specific purpose, but you’ll have to wait a couple days to find out. An intriguing recipe from a new cookbook of mine, all I’ll say about it now is that it’s a kind of pizza. Sort of.

Has anything exciting been happening in your kitchen lately? What’s cooking this week?


  1. fresh365 says:

    How exciting- congrats!!