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July round-up

July has come and gone, and August is upon us. The last month went by like that, but at least I’ve got a lot to show for it. Here’s what’s been happening on my blogs for the past four weeks.



While the focus here at Kitchenist is usually on fresh and local ingredents, the weather definitely plays a part in what I make and write about. Here is London, we’ve had more than our share of days that lean toward grey and dreary. It’s a bit of a shock after the lovely hot June we had (the warmest on record!), but it had its perks.

I’ve been indulging my love of hearty, soul-warming foods usually more appropriate for Autumn. I’ve written about my favourite Spicy Chickpea Curry, tried my hand at a Chickpea and Pasta Soup, and shared a delicious baked pasta dish- Cabbage and Cauliflower Cannelloni

cabbage and cauliflower canneloni, baked

I’m still experimenting with non-green salads, too. I loved the Spicy Broccoli Salad I made earlier in the month (alas, so did the neighbourhood birds), and just last week I hit flavour combo gold with my Lentil, Onion and Goat’s Cheese Salad.

lentil salad

I haven’t really been focusing on desserts this month, which makes me think I need to step up my sweet game in August! I did, however, make a Strawberry and Mascarpone Tart which was, if I can be so immodest for a minute, to die for. Whether you make one big tart or a selection of mini ones, you must try this!  

strawberry marscapone mini tarts



I scaled back posting at Kitchenisms to once a day in July. This was to make more time for the other things in my life, and I think it worked pretty well. There’s a rough “schedule” of posting now, which looks something like this: 

Mondays= Etsy
Tuesdays= a featured Cool Kitchen
Wednesdays= products, designers or on-line shops
Thursday= kitchen design
Friday= Flickr

Favourite Etsy finds this month have included the hand-printed designs of girlscantell and a round-up of vintage canister sets. My favourite Cool Kitchen was a Modern Classic space from Sydney, Australia. In terms of products, I loved searching the Graham & Green site for my favourites.  

milk jug from graham & green

I’m still having fun with the Colour in the Kitchen series, this month covering YellowBlack, White and Pink. Surprisingly, Black was the most popular, and I loved the modern, grown-up sensibility of  the spaces.

colour in the kitchen: black

Flickr finds have been abundant, too. I especially liked doing the In the Pantry series, and the White Dishes one. 

in the pantry, flickr



Kitchlit played host to two book reviews in July: Jamie’s Italy by Jamie Oliver, and The 30-Minute Cook by Nigel Slater.

Both are fantastic cookbooks for what they do, but my prize of the month has got to go to the former. Jamie’s Italy is a whirlwind trip through my favourite cuisine, with some wonderful photos and delicious recipes along the way. I gave it 5 stars, and think that anyone who likes Italian food should give it a go.

jamie's italian spinach and squash rotolo