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Late Summer Veg

Hmmm. Corn, blueberries, dark-skinned cucumber wait, did I miss summer? Last time I posted a veg haul round these parts, it was the early-summer stuff of fresh greens, baby carrots and peas. A whole three months ago. Read more

Peas Carrots Other Veg

Hmm, looking at that photo, Im thinking that I should have bought a bit more at the market this weekend. Its already Tuesday (where does the time go?) and most of that food is already gone. Read more

Mothers Day Veg

Honestly? I only just remembered that today was Mothers Day. No, I havent called my Mum yet, and yes, Ill call her soon. Probably. My family doesnt take these Hallmark Holidays very seriously, and anyway, Ill be seeing her in person tomorrow. Read more

May Day Veg

Yes, May Day has come and gone, but hey- these veg were bought then, so why not? A lot of what you see above is actually cooked and eaten by now (Thursday already! How did that happen?!). I guess May has been a busy month so far, what with my parents visit and other commitments. Thankfully, it hasnt been too busy for market shopping. Read more

New Term Veg

Its not only a new term for me at school (starting tomorrow) but a new season in London. Honestly, the past couple days have convinced me that weve skipped right over Spring and gone straight into Summer. Of course, as my Mum said to me earlier today, it might be back to Spring or even Winter in a couple days, so Im enjoying it while I can. Read more

Bunches of Veg

Its almost Monday here in London, but I wanted to get this weeks Farmers Market post up before I went to sleep. This week is the one chance Ill have to be off before classes start up again in 8 days time, and I want to take full advantage of it. Some relaxing, some reading, some long walks and of course- lots of cooking. Read more

Cake Veg and Muffins

You might think from the title of this post that Ive been thinking a lot about sweets lately. Youd be right. Maybe its the stress of my end-of-term project deadline or just the is-it-or-isnt-it-Spring-yet weather weve been having lately, but regular food hasnt really been exciting me these days. Sweets are much more interesting, and always in season. Read more

Not So Green Veg

It was such a lovely day earlier. I say was because in true London style, the clouds have now moved in and the sky that was a crystal-clear blue is now sort of white in colour. Still, I suppose it could be worse- at least its not grey (yet). Read more

Valentine Veg

Friends, I am so on top of things today. I was out of bed at 7, doing homework by 8, cooking by 9 at at the market at 10:15 sharp. I almost dont want to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but I have a feeling its going to be a very productive week. Read more

Sparse Veg

Im not sure what the problem was today- was is that the produce at the farmers market was sparse, or was it my enthusiasm for shopping? Probably a bit of both. In any case, I dragged myself out of the house around noon today, and was back home (with a decidedly light shopping bag) a mere 15 minutes later. Read more